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Apetekus was a Great God of the Tortallan Universe pantheon in the 3rd century HE.[1] He was the Guardian of Slaves.[2] Wilnedur is the goddess of slaves, and his counterpart.


He was likely not worshiped in Tortall two hundred years later in the 5th century because the slave trade had been abolished in the mid-200s,[3] but based on his name, he probably originated in Carthak, where might have still been worshipped.

Amaya Painter had a shrine for Apetekus in her house, although it was not well cared for, as it was only there to support her story that her son, Calum was taken by slavers, when he was really taken by the Shadow Snake.


Apetekus does not appear in the books, but is mentioned in two of the Provost's Dog books.

Notes and references

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