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Baoya the Golden (pronounced BAH-o-yah) was a yaskedasu in Shatterglass. She is a dancer and, at the time of Trisana Chandler's visit to Tharios, had performed for most of the Tharian Assembly and all of the Keepers of the Public Good for the past fifteen  years. She is known as the Queen of Khapik, and is the most famous of the female yaskedasi. She was not killed by The Ghost.


Baoya has black hair dressed in glossy, ornate loops that are intertwined with the yellow veil of the yaskedasi. Her kyten, an ankle-length, drape-sleeved tunic worn by Tharian women, is pure white with golden embroidery, while her jewelry is gold encrusted with pearls. She owns a sedan chair carried by four men and lined with satin pillows.

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