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The Battle of the Cliff was the term jokingly applied to the skirmish that Keladry of Mindelan and a few other pages fought in against a group of bandits near the River Hasteren in the Hill Country of Tortall[1]. The district commander was being paid off and didn't warn Wyldon of Cavall of the bandits in the area, thus leading to the endangerment of a few of the pages. This event shook up Wyldon so much that they had sessions and lectures on battle tactics that fourth-year pages were required to attend. A few of the Mithran priests also assigned work on battles that they didn't normally, like Master Yayin.


Faleron of King's Reach, who was leading their small group, led them into a group of bandits. They were chased [by the bandits] to a rock face. Kel took over and planned to climb to a cave on the edge of the cliff. She fought off a few of the bandits as her friends were climbing, and gutted ol' Breakbone Dell, according to Gilab Lofts[2]. They managed to hold the cave secure until reinforcements arrived[3].

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