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This page lists a collection of quotes from Bloodhound.

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"You can't trust kings and nobles. Only them that know how real folk live."
Rosto the Piper to Rebakah Cooper[src]

Tom: "I've no pity for them getting their heads knocked in, none at all!"
Beka: "But it was murder, Master Tomlan."
Tom: "Some folk need murdering."
Clary: "Tom, that's enough. Cooper's a good servant of the law."
Tomlan Goodwin, Rebakah Cooper and Clara Goodwin referring to Geraint and Madon Pell's death[src]

Beka: "I'm not that fond of lying to folk. Not telling someone I like why I'm really here is the same as lying."
Goodwin: "We're on a hunt, Cooper. When you're on a hunt, you do whatever it takes. [...] Folk will die of hunger if we don't nab these colemongers."
Rebakah Cooper and Clara Goodwin[src]

Dale: "No, no--curse it, Beka, you're the prickliest woman I've ever met!"
Goodwin: "No, I am. But she comes very close, I have to say."
Dale Rowan and Clara Goodwin when Beka didn't want to accept money for being Dale's "luck"[src]

"The skinny gixie in red is on our rumps again. And Haden is behind her. At this rate, Cooper, we shall have a parade."
Clara Goodwin to Rebakah Cooper while they were in Port Caynn.[src]

Other quotes

Day unknown

Beka: "Oh, I need you now, is it?"
Dale: "[...] Yes, you need me. You need me to make you laugh. You need bo to tickle your--" He chuckled evilly. "Fancy. You need me to remind you that you're a woman and not just a Dog"
Rebakah Cooper and Dale Rowan on the way to a eating house[src]

Axman: "Watch the pigeons. One of the lads tried to shoo 'im off and got pecked in the nose for his trouble."
Goodwin: "He's a watch pigeon. Mean as a snake, but easier to feed."
Terart Axman and Clara Goodwin referring to Slapper[src]

"He's a decent cove, for all he's the law. Not bought law, either. Straight law. A cove knows where he stands with Nestor, and it isn't on the good side of a coin."
Hansevor Remy about Nestor[src]

Dale: "My feelings are hurt. The guards don't trust Hanse and me, and we're such trustworthy lads."
Goodwin: "I wouldn't trust you farther than I can throw you, and you a bony bit of a cove. Look at you, toying with my poor, earnest Beka. I've been hearing about your reputation, Master Rowan! One foot in and out of the Court of the Rogue, you and Hanse."
Dale: "Lies, all of it, lies. Well, mostly lies."
Dale Rowan and Clara Goodwin[src]

September 17, 247 II

Okha: "Beka, what are you up to? You're making me worry."
Beka: "I'm keeping myself busy till Goodwin comes back."
Okha: "Are you? Beka, the Corus Rogue is a delightful, sane fellow who understands the world. Our Rogue is mad with greed and power and she's stupid. She thinks that no one lives who can stop her."
Beka: "It's not my job to stop her. I collect information, only that. Yes, Pearl will meet her match, but it won't be a junior Dog like met. It'll be the law, resting in the hands of a whole squad of hard, senior Dogs."
Okha Soyan and Rebakah Cooper when she comes to him asking about the layout of Pearl's courts[src]

Okha: "Be sensible."
Beka: "That's me. Rebakah Sensible Cooper."
Okha Soyan and Rebakah Cooper[src]

September 19, 247 I

"We're going to have an adventure," I told Achoo, putting her leash on her collar. "And it's a very good thing Pounce isn't here, because he might try to stop us. But you, you're game for nearabouts anything, aren't you?" Achoo pranced, wagging her tail. She was excited. "Well, then," I said, "I'll be Goodwin, and you'll be Tunstall, only fuzzier. And mayhap we'll live to tell this tale."
Rebakah Cooper after she decided to seek refuge with Pearl Skinner[src]

September 24, 247 I

Goodwin: "Of all the crackbrained dozy Pups it's ever been my curse to serve with! You just had to go and pluck the biggest Rat in all the Eastern Lands, didn't you? You couldn't have held your poxy tongue?"
Nestor: "I thought she held her tongue well for a first-year Dog."
Goodwin: "It's when she uses it that you have to watch her! She'll say any curst thing when she's got the bit between her teeth, and never mind the consequences! I'm surprised she's lived to tell this tale!"
Clara Goodwin and Nestor Haryse when Goodwin came back from reporting to Gershom of Haryse[src]

"I thought it was only the hill barbarian I couldn't trust on his own. I thought, Cooper's got a good head on her shoulders. She'll stay out of trouble. I'm getting too old for this."
Clara Goodwin after she learned that Beka was searched both by Lionel of Trebond and Pearl Skinner[src]

September 25, 247 I

"Every time I think mages are a pain in my bum, I should remember that I'd be wading in scummer if it wasn't for works like these. Except, of course, that nobody ever bothered to put such tunnels in the Lower City, so I do wade in scummer there."
Rebakah Cooper in her journal, refering to the sewers in Port Caynn[src]

"I told her," Ersken said ruefully. "Then she boxed my ear and called me a curst stupid scut. I didn't even know she liked me."
—Ersken Westover refering to Clara Goodwin and his telling her that Beka had gone off in pursuit of Jurji alone[src]

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