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The Carthaki University is located in Carthak City, the capital of Carthak.


It is one of the oldest and most prestigious centers of magical learning in the world, and is where the emperors of Carthak have received their education for generations.


The Carthaki University has a ranking system for its magical students who have the Gift. The black robe is the highest rank a graduate can receive. An orange robe is the second highest[1].

Graduates must adhere to the magical laws set about by the university. Inar Hadensra, a powerful Scanran mage in the 5th century HE, didn't want a black robe as he knew the university would try to limit his magic and prowess[2].

Known graduates

3rd century

5th century

Rival schools

The university has been a rival with the City of the Gods for hundreds of years, since before the 3rd century. In the 5th century, Tortall founded the royal university of Corus, which became a major rival university although it had only been in existence for a short while.

Notes and references

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  2. The Realms of the Gods

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