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Eiralys of Cavall (pronounced KAV-all) is the oldest daughter of Vivienne and Wyldon of Cavall. She seems to be married and has at least two children, perhaps more[1]. Her younger sisters are Sunarine of Cavall, Cathrea of Cavall and Margarry of Cavall. Eiralys has a brother-in-law, Owen of Jesslaw, by his marriage with Margarry.[2]

She hasn't appeard in any of the books so far and has only been mentioned by Tamora Pierce in forums.

       │                                         │                  │
Wyldon of CavallVivienne of Cavall  unnamed brother  Elasabenne of Cavall - unnamed husband
       │                                 │                  │                   │
Eiralys of Cavall ┬ unnamed husband  Sunarine of Cavall Cathrea of Cavall Margarry of Cavall - Owen of Jesslaw
             unnamed children

Notes and references

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  2. Random Buzz; "Meanwhile, Back at Cavall (and Maren)..."; April 20, 2009

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