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Duke Balitang
Style '
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Tenure Fall of 462 HE — Early summer of 463
Regency Council
Predecessor Mequen Balitang
Heir Apparent
Heir Presumptive
Successor Petranne Balitang[1]
King's Champion
Prime Minister
Bequeathed by
Date Bequeathed
Heir Presumptive of the Isles
Style '
Tenure Fall of 462 HE — Early summer of 463
Reigning Monarch
Years of Service
Biographical Information
Honorific '
Born 459 HE
Died 463 HE (assassinated by the regents)
Race Luarin
Nationality Copper Islander
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Family Information
Noble House
Ancestors Rittevon of Lenman
House Rittevon
House Balitang
Grandparents Duke Balitang & a Rittevon princess (paternal grandparents)
Matfrid Fonfala (maternal grandfather)
Parents Mequen Balitang, Winnamine Balitang
Adoptive Parents
Siblings Petranne Balitang (sister)
Saraiyu Balitang (half-sister)
Dovasary Balitang (half-sister)
Adoptive Children
Other Family Dunevon Rittevon (2nd cousin)
Imajane Jimajen (2nd cousin)
Patron God
Rank Nobility
Bazhir Tribe
K'miri Tribe
Sponsored by
Sponsor to
Knight Master
Year Knighted
Affiliation Balitang family
Military Affiliation
Military Branch
Squad Leader Sergeant
Rider Group Group
Provost's Guard
Guard District
Guard Watch
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Trickster's Choice
Last Appeared Trickster's Queen
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Duke Elsren Balitang (EHLZ-rehn BAHL-ee-tahng) was the youngest child of Duke Mequen and Duchess Winnamine. He was Mequen's only son and heir, and brother of Petranne Balitang, and half-brother of Sarai and Dove. He became Duke after his father's murder in 462 HE. He was assassinated in early summer of 463 HE by the regents, so that they could seize power. His death prompted many people to join the raka conspiracy and aid the rebellion, as the new rulers were guilty of infanticide. Countries like Tortall and Maren also stopped trading with the Copper Isles, refusing to continue their business with king-killers.


Early life

Elsren was born in 459 HE[2]. He lived in luxury in Rajmuat as the son of a Rittevon duke. Before the Balitangs were exiled, Elsren became very attached to his nurse Jafana, as well as to his sister, Petranne.

Exile to Tanair

When King Oron forced the Balitangs to give him expensive offerings to convince him of their devotion and loyalty, he also ordered their exile to ease his paranoia. The Balitangs were forced to sell and let go many of their slaves and servants, but tried to ensure that they all went to good homes. They were about to sell Aly Homewood, a Tortallan slave, before the god Mithros appeared to them to say that she was his vassal. The Balitangs took her on as a new nursemaid to Elsren and Petranne. Elsren greatly missed Jafana, his old nurse, but soon learned to love Aly when she began to tell them excellent stories of Tortall of Alanna the Lioness, the Dominion Jewel, and Tortall's famous monarchs and mages.

When Mequen was killed in a kidnapping attempt by Bronau Jimajen, Elsren became the new Duke Balitang, due to luarin inheritance laws. When Dunevon Rittevon ascended the throne, Elsren was his heir presumptive.

Return to Rajmuat

As the new duke and male head of the family, Elsren was put under a lot of pressure. He was also the boy king's heir presumptive and set to inherit the throne when the king died. He was brought to court at the Grey Palace every single day in order to spend time with the king. On Dunevon's birthday, he, Elsren, and other boys set sail on the Rittevon, a ship that was made for the King by the regents, Prince Rubinyan and Princess Imajane. The ship sunk, due to the regents' plot to have the King and his heir killed while aboard. Elsren died in the wreckage.

Personality and traits

Elsren was demanding and threw many tantrums while at Tanair. He was mad when the Balitang family was forced to let his old nurse go and replace her with Aly, a woman that he did not know and was not yet comfortable with. He warmed to Aly when he learned that she could tell a good story.

Elsren was excitable and adorable even though he did have a temper; he was only five. He was also willing to learn, as Aly taught him how to do a somersault among other things.


                             ?                                    Rittevon Dynasty
               ┌—————————————┴————————┐                  ┌—————————————┴————————┐
               │                      │                  │                      │
           Nuritin Balitang  unnamed brother ┬ Rittevon princess               Rittevon king or prince
                                             │                                           │                          
                   Sarugani Temaida † ┬ Mequen BalitangWinnamine Fonfala          Oron Rittevon
                                      │                 │
     ┌————————————————————————————————┴——┐             ┌┴———————————————————┐
     │                                   │             │                    │
Saraiyu BalitangZaimid Hetnim  Dovasary Balitang  Petranne Balitang   Elsren Balitang †
            Mequen Hetnim

Notes and references

  1. Petranne did not inherit the dukedom right after her brother's death. It was later bequeathed to her after her elder sister, Dovasary Balitang, ascended to the throne.
  2. Trickster's Choice, Cp. 2 (p. 40; Random House paperback)

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