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Fianola (pronounced FEE-ah-know-lah) is a noble girl whom Keladry meets during the Tortallan Grand Progress, along with her younger sister, who is unnamed, and another girl named Yvenne. Fianola and her sister are described as both having similar brown eyes, olive skin, and brown hair so curly that it fought the pins that confined it. She is stated as looking about twelve years of age, while her sister is around ten. Both Fianola and her sister wish to train for knighthood, and have been told by their mother that if they still want to, they can try in a year. Kel assures Fianola that her age is not an issue, as Kel's best friend Nealan of Queenscove was fifteen when he started. She also notes that Fianola seems as if she wouldn’t go after things lightly and that if she did choose to be a page, it would be because she’d found out all she could and chose to do it anyway.