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Gemma Noll is the youngest daughter of Deirdry Noll. She has at least two sisters[1] and three brothers, one of which is Yates Noll.[2]

Rebakah Cooper estimates her to be in her forty, which would make her year of birth roughly 206 HE. Gemma has brown hair, which is greying.[3] She also has a collection of bruises, which Beka first suspects to come from a husband or her brother Yates. Later Beka finds out that it was Deirdry Noll who pushes her about.

Gemma never married[1]. She was arrested in May of 246 HE for knowing that her mother was she Shadow Snake and not telling the Provost's Guard about it. She was set free afterwards but had to leave Corus because she didn't report her mother and brother.[4]

She only appears in Terrier.

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