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Goldenlake is a Tortallan fief, and is situated near the lake of the same name. The family is old and renowned. They have been around since at least the 200s HE, but likely even longer as they are a border fief[1].

Coat of arms and colors

The Goldenlake colors are green and yellow, which make up the family's crest. It is unknown if they are in the Book of Silver or the Book of Gold, but a case can be made for both.


In the third century of the Human Era, good ale most likely came from Goldenlake[2].

Members of the family

Notes and references

  1. Fiefs on borders were usually of a more exalted rank than fiefs that were further from borders, as the former provided to first line of defense to an attacker.
  2. Bloodhound, September 15, 247 (p. 215)

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