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The Graveyard Hag is the goddess of Carthak but she is worshipped elsewhere as well. While she is one of the Great Gods in Carthak and only second to the Black God, she's only a minor goddess everywhere else. She is the daughter of the Black God, who listens to her in matters concerning Carthak. She has a special interest in games of chance, and is known to cheat frequently. She also has the ability to restore dead things to life. Rats, dice, and hyenas are sacred to her.

Physical description

The Graveyard Hag commonly takes the appearance of an old woman with a eye-patch, leaning on a walking stick. In the Immortal Series she changes her shape from an old slave woman with both eyes and a shaved head, to an old woman with a fuzzy yet still shorn head of hair with a eye patch. She usually has a rat around her feet or perched upon her shoulder.


The Graveyard Hag is the patron goddess of Carthak and is widely worshipped there. In his youth, Emperor Ozorne built her a temple. But when Ozorne grew older and decided that he no longer needed the gods, going so far as to ban offerings to them, the Graveyard Hag became extremely angry. She began to engineer Ozorne's downfall. Indeed, a prophecy was made at Ozorne's coronation, stating that hyenas would lead his doom to him. The Graveyard Hag was not about to be ignored, not in her own land.


She appeared to Daine in Emperor Mage, and to Aly in Trickster's Queen. In the latter, she repays Kyprioth for his boasting by helping her devoted worshipper, the healer Zaimid Hetnim, elope with Saraiyu Balitang.

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