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Tortall 1

The Tortallan Universe with all named countries pictured as well as most larger bodies of water[1]

The Great Inland Sea is a large body of water in the Tortallan Universe. It is sandwiched between Tortall, Tyra, Maren, and Sarain to the north and Carthak and the Southern Lands to the south. Whether or not a country is considered part of the Eastern or Southern Lands depends on where it is situated in relation to the Inland Sea. It is connected to the Emerald Ocean at its western side by a large strait. Technically Tortall only touches the strait between the Emerald Ocean and the larger part of the Inland Sea, although the strait is considered a part of the Sea itself.

Notes and references

  1. As seen in the map, the Great Inland Sea itself is connected to the Emerald Ocean through a much smaller body of water—this would be a strait.

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