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Harailt of Aili is the Dean of the Tortallan University of Magic and the head of the Council of Mages under King Jonathan IV[1].


Early life and education

Harailt of Aili is a mage and had his education at either the City of Gods or the Carthaki University, both schools that are known for their prestigious programs in magic and sorcery. As Harailt is of Tortallan origin, he probably attended the City of Gods. He became a very powerful and scholarly mage.

He entered service under King Jonathan IV and Thayet I after the start of their reign in 439 HE.

Peace delegation to Carthak

Harailt was part of the peace delegation to Carthak, including Duke Gareth, Sir Gary, Alanna the Lioness, Martin of Meron, Numair Salmalín, and Veralidaine Sarrasri. He took part in the talks.

When Kaddar Iliniat was scolding Daine for being too sympathetic to animals, Harailt tactfully talked to him about King Jonathan's menagerie in Tortall and that it has exact replicas of the animals' old habitats.

Work at the university

Keladry of Mindelan became acquainted with Harailt during her time as Lord Raoul's squire. He became her favorite civilian and non-soldier because of his friendliness.

He helped make the land suitable for the construction of New Hope in 460 HE during the Scanran War and after the destruction of Haven and the killing of Blayce the Gallan. He accomplished this task along with Numair Salmalín.


He appeared in Emperor Mage, and in the passing during the Protector of the Small.  Kel says he is one of the few civilians that she likes.

Notes and references

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