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Harrier the Clawed is the Emelan god of provosts, guards and thief-takers.[1] There is a statue of him in every guard house in the city of Summersea. He is depicted as a man wearing a long black coat, with a hawk's head, feet and wings with brown and blue feathers . He has a sword and dagger on his belt and carries a lantern in one hand a set of manacles in the other.[1] Harrier is said to take apart secrets to put away against starving time.

Followers of Harrier conduct last rites in his temple. They don't bury their dead or hold viewings for the body because they expect to join their god the day after their deaths. During the service the priest calls for testimony of the deceased's service to Harrier. After the last speaker is finished, an acolyte sets the funeral pyre on fire.[2]

Sandry did not recognize his statue, suggesting that he is not as widely worshipped as the Living Circle gods.[1]

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