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Heskalifos (pronounced hehs-KAHL-ee-fohss) is a large center of learning, scholars, and mages in Tharios. It is located on the southwestern side of Tharios, near Jumshida Dawnspeaker's house[1]. It has an expansive library, and plenty of departments for mages and scholars.

Known departments and halls

  • Mages' Hall

This is where the library for magic is located. All accredited mages of Tharios are connected to the Mages' Hall. It is a center of learning for young mages. Kethlun Warder goes to Mages' Hall in order to gain information on his newfound magic. He is tested there. It has a Mages' Museum full of magical artifacts[2].

Mages: Jumshida Dawnspeaker, Vishaneh Amberglass, and others

  • Philosophers' Hall

A large conference of mages was hosted here in 1039 KF. Niklaren Goldeye was in attendance.

Notes and references

  1. Map in Shatterglass
  2. Shatterglass, Ch. 3

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