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Master Ilom Chioké (pronounced eye-LOHM chee-yo-KAY) was the head of the Carthaki University Mages in 451 HE. He belonged to the four most powerful mages of the university and was also one of the most powerful mages in all of Carthak. His gift was of an orange color[1].

He was part of those mages who entertained the Tortallan delegation with magical performances.

When Emperor Ozorne wanted to kill all hyenas in Carthak because of the prophecy that said hyenas would lead to his downfall, Chioké reminded the Emperor that hyenas were sacred to the Graveyard Hag, Carthak's patron goddess.[2]

He appeared in Emperor Mage and died at the end of the novel fighting the dinosaur skeletons Daine had awakened.

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