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Jorality Bancanor
Circle Universe character
Biographical information
Nickname Jory
Born 1027 KF
Nationality Namornese
Title Ravvikki, then Viymese
Physical description
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Hair Golden
Magic Cooking magic
Family information
Grandparents The Bancanors
Parents Kolborn and Matazidah Bancanor
Siblings Niamara, Eidart, and Peigi
Children Unknown
Rank Merchant class
Teacher Olennika Potcracker, Daja Kisubo
Affiliation The Bancanor family, Kugisko
Bibliographical information
First mentioned The Will of the Empress
First appeared Cold Fire
Last appeared '
Latest appearance '

Jorality Bancanor, called "Jory", is a member of one of the wealthiest merchant families in Kugisko, Namorn. She has three siblings, Nia, Peigi, and Eidart. Her parents are Kol and Matazi Bancanor. Her ambient cooking-magic is discovered by Daja Kisubo in 1039 KF. She is outgoing, unlike her twin sister Niamara.

1039 KF

When Daja Kisubo comes to Kugisko with her teacher Dedicate Frostpine, the two stay at the Bancanors' large mansion on Kadasep Island. She and her sister make friends with Daja and take up the arduous task of teaching the older girl to skate. She is helping the family's cook Anyussa with a recipe when Daja sees her use a bit of magic. Daja creates a metal mirror designed to show people their magics, and Jory discovers that she is a cook-mage. When Daja informs the Bancanors that Jory and Nia must choose their own mage teachers, the girl tricks Daja into taking her all around town to different mages' kitchens and tiring her out. She informs Daja that she would like to study with Olennika Potcracker at Yorgiry's Hospital in Blackfly Bog when she knows that the other girl would be too tired to object. At Potcracker's kitchens, the mage orders Jory to bring back spices from her workroom to test her, as the spice jars are unlabeled. Jory passes the test and is offered a probationary teaching period. Daja notes that Potracker's firm manner will be good for Jory's wild spirit. Because teaching meditation to the twins at the same time is so tiring- Jory is so wild, while Nia is just the opposite - Daja splits up their meditation time and teaches Jory with the fighting style she learned from Dedicate Skyfire, and Nia with the more conventional way. Jory and her sister are on good terms with Daja when she and her teacher leave.

A noted friendship is the one both she and her twin shared with Morrachane Ladradun before the older woman's death. As Morrachane was cruel to everyone but Nia and Jory, this can be shown that there is a very small amount of good in Morrachane's heart.

Personality and traits

Jory is very wild. The fighting-style meditation technique worked best for her, while the more traditional technique worked well for her sister. She was incredibly hyperactive. She also knew how to get her way. This is seen when she and Daja look around Kugisko for teachers. She intentionally just goes everywhere to wear Daja out, then springs the idea of studying with Olennika Potcracker on the smith-mage when she is too weary to object. Jory is very determined with all she does.

Physical Description

Jory looks exactly like her sister, and takes after her mother. In Cold Fire she is 12 years old, 5'4" and slender. She has creamy brown skin and gold-brown crinkled hair that falls to her waist. Her eyes are large and brown, set over a slender nose. She takes after her mother from the south rather than the pale Normanese. She seems to be unaware of her growing beauty.

Other information

Tamora Pierce plans on writing another novel centered around Jory and her sister, which will also be situated in Namorn. However, it's still a while until she will get to writing this book.[1]

Notes and references

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