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Gods of the Living Circle

Trader gods

  • Trader Koma - god of the open road, the great steersman, supreme negotiator
  • Bookkeeper Oti - goddess who keeps the record of life with its debts and credits

Gods popular around the Pebbled Sea

  • Lakik the Trickster - god of thieves, mischief, luck
  • Onini - goddess of flower sellers, orange girls, hairdressers, entertainers
  • Urda - goddess of midwives and healers, not temple affiliated
  • Harrier the Clawed - patron of law enforcement workers

Yanjingyi gods

Chammuri gods

  • Lailan of the Rain - goddess of healing and water
  • Mohun - god of silence, stone, dark and secret places
  • Shaihun - god of desert, winds, sandstorms, serious mischief and destruction

Namornese gods

  • Yorgiry - goddess of healing and war
  • Baion - white god of ice, cold, death
  • Eilig - goddess of spring
  • Griantein - goddess of forgiveness
  • Qunoc - goddess of motherhood & fertility
  • Sythuthan - trickster god of the Syth
  • Vrohain - the god of judgments and justice

Tharian gods

  • The All-Seeing - head of Tharian pantheon, god of judgment and debts
  • Deiina - goddess of entertainers, patroness of Khapik
  • Ngohi - fertility goddess, west of Tharios
  • Thanos - god of the dead

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