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The First Powers

These beings are parents to the Great Gods and likely many of the others, as well as the Queen of Chaos Uusoae. They do not allow their children to kill each other.

The Great Gods

These are gods who are recognized the world over.

  • Great Mother Goddess
    • Three aspects: Maiden, Mother, Hag
    • Titles: Mother of Mountains, Mother of Waters, Mother of Mares, Wave-Walker
    • goddess of crops, weaving, spinning, women, childbirth, offenses against women,
    • children with Mithros
    • chief goddess of the Tortallan pantheon
  • Mithros
    • Titles: Sun-God
    • Brother-consort to the Goddess
    • God of mage-craft, war, law, fire with the Goddess
    • Chief god of the Tortallan pantheon
  • Black God
    • Titles: Dark God
    • god of death, ruler of Peaceful Realms, brother to the Goddess
  • Smith's God - god of all smiths, coopers, wainwrights
  • Gainel
    • Titles: Master of Dream, the Dream King, Dreamer
    • Has one foot in Chaos, one foot in Divine Realms
    • The only Great God who cannot leave the Divine Realms or Chaos. He also cannot speak outside of dreams.
  • Kyprioth the Trickster
    • chief of the trickster gods and patron god of the Copper Isles
    • Wind god of all the winds in the Emerald Ocean (including Copper Isles and Yamani Islands)
    • Temporarily demoted from Great God status after Mithros and the Goddess invaded the Copper Isles with their followers
  • Graveyard Hag
    • Daughter of the Black God of Death
    • Patron goddess of Carthak
    • Can raise the dead
    • Sacred objects/animals: Dice, hyenas, rats

Regional Gods

In addition to the widely-recognized Great Gods, many peoples and regions worship their own set of local gods. In the battle against Uusoae, several were recognized by Daine as Great Gods despite their regional recognition.


  • Mynoss - the judge of the underworld and the dead
  • Graveyard Hag - patron goddess of Carthak, she rules over graveyards, gambling, and practical jokes. Her sacred animals are the hyena and the rat. She often has a silver dice cup, although she cheats most of the time. The head god in Carthak and a regional Great God.
  • Shakith - blind goddess of seers and a Great God of Carthak.
  • Jihuk - master of deep desert winds and demons, another Great God of Carthak.

Banjiku (southeastern Carthak)

  • Lushagui - goddess who birthed the Banjiku and apparently gave them three gifts: to bind men to beast-people, to know gods, and to be slaves. However, she later clarified that her people were never meant to be slaves.
  • Kidunka - The World-Snake, all-wise Kidunka is Lushagui's brother and firstborn son of Father Universe and Mother Flame. He is a Great God.

K'miri (northern Sarain)

Yamani Islands

  • Yama - patron goddess, created the Yamani Islands, goddess of childbirth and rice
  • Wave-Walker - sea goddess and goddess of mercy, she can banish storms and keep ships safe. While the Goddess holds this epithet in northwestern Tortall, the Wave-Walker is also a separate entity and Great God.
  • Sakuyo - benevolent Yamani trickster god, god of jokes and pranks


  • Weiryn - minor god of the hunt and the forest in Galla, Scanra, and northeastern Tortall.
  • Green Lady - a new goddess of healing, childbirth, and wells in Galla. Wife of Weiryn, she was formerly Sarra Beneksri.
  • Yahzed - god of righteousness and repentance in Scanra, also known as the God of Stones. He hates magic of any kind.
  • Crooked God - Great God of thieves in Eastern Lands (another name for Kyprioth the Trickster).
  • Merscart of the Green, local god of War Gorge Marsh in the Three Rivers Province of Tortall

Copper Isles


  • Uusoae - Queen of Chaos, disrule, uncertainty, imagination, destruction that leads to change and new growth, new opportunities
  • Gatekeepers - Discord and Violence, Uusoae greatest servants

Animal Gods

Plant Gods

  • The Great Pine and the Flowering Apple - the parents of all trees. Possibly alternate names for the First Powers. [1]
  • The First Trees - from the seeds/nuts of these massive tree goddesses, the first mortal trees were born. There is one for each kind of tree.[2]

Other Gods

  • Apetekus - minor god in the third-century Tortall; guardian of slaves[3]
  • The God in the Flame - the chief (and possibly only) deity of the unnamed land west of Tortall across the sea where the events of Elder Brother and The Hidden Girl take place. It is also worshiped in other lands, although among pantheons instead of alone.
  • The Dragongods - unnamed beyond the collective title given by Skysong, it is unknown what exactly the function of these entities is, especially considering draconic views on deities in general.[4]

Other Entities

Three Sorrows

Housed in the Divine Realms, these powers are not gods in themselves, but rather forces brought into the Mortal Realms by human excess

  • Malady
  • Starvation
  • Slaughter

The Cat

A constellation that is found near the feet of the constellation of the Mother Goddess, he incarnates as a black cat with purple eyes to aid particular mortals.

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  • "This is taken directly from a list on Tamora Pirce's website, with addition information added by me."

-Piercings: Gods in Tortall

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