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Clara "Clary" Goodwin was a resident of Flash District in Corus in the third century of the Human Era. She was a member of the Provost's Guard and famous for her work in the Lower City. She had been partnered with Matthias Tunstall for fourteen years before accepting a promotion to Watch Sergeant in late September of 247 HE, even though she could have had any position in Corus that she wanted much sooner. Together with Tunstall Goodwin was also Rebakah Cooper's training partner and during the search for the counterfeiters in Port Caynn her Dog partner. Goodwin was more uptight than Tunstall, and was commanding. She was married to Tomlan Goodwin, a master carpenter.

She appeared both in Terrier and in Bloodhound and might also appear in Mastiff.
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Guard: "We're to give you a ride to Winding Circle. Honored Moonstream asked us, if you turned out to be well."
Rosethorn: "I don't have the blue pox. I don't know if I'm well."
— After Rosethorn and Briar had been found out not to have the disease[src]

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  • Mk101

    Tempests and Slaughter Updates

    December 22, 2016 by Mk101

    Hello everyone!

    I recently did a quick scan through Tamora Pierce's official facebook page (TAMORA PIERCE, FANTASY AUTHOR) to make sure we have all the information for the new books about Numair Salmalín. There are a few changes to past updates. Tempe…

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  • Mk101


    The upcoming books about Numair Salmalín will come in a duology, like the Trickster Series. The Gift of Power, the first in the duology, will be published on a date yet to be announced. According to Tamora Pierce, it will cover Numair's y…

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  • Purzel

    New Circle Universe Book

    August 29, 2011 by Purzel

    A recent blog post on Tamora Pierce's prive livejournal seems to reveal the title of the next book in the Circle Universe. In the blog entry titled "Catching Up" Tamora Pierce mentions that she will be working on "Battle Magic". This title would fit…

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  • Purzel

    I've been busy with my studies, so unfortunately I haven't been as frequent with giving updates as news as I used to. Unfortunately I can't promise that it gets better. But I can assure you that I'm still here, looking after things and trying to fit…

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  • Purzel

    Mastiff news

    January 19, 2011 by Purzel

    On my daily check of Tamora Pierce's livejournal I was at first overjoyed by this entry, which states that the first draft of Mastiff is finished and counts 660 pages; about 100 pages more than Bloodhound. Pierce plans on finishing the rewrite by the e…

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