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Trickster's Choice

Trickster's Choice is the first installment in Tamora Pierce's fourth series of Tortall books. The second and last volume of this series is Trickster's Queen. In Trickster's Choice Tamora Pierce tells the story of Alianne "Aly" of Pirate's Swoop, the daughter of Pierce's first heroine, Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau, the famed Lioness, and the realms second-in-command spymaster and former King of the Thieves, George Cooper, now Baron of Pirate's Swoop. Aly doesn't want to follow in her mothers footsteps but rather desires to become a spy herself like her father. After her parents' refusal of this plan she is enlisted to help the trickster god Kyprioth instead. On a sailing trip she is captured by pirates and sold into slavery to the Balitang family on the Copper Isles, a noble house fallen out of favor with the isles' mad king. Soon she plays an important role in the raka conspiracy, which wants to put a half-raka queen on the throne of the Copper Isles.


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Quote of the Moment
Alanna: "My liege. I am yours to command."
Jon: "You're sure, Alanna?"
Alanna: "Until death and after, Jonathan."
Jon: "I accept your fealty, Sir Alanna. I accept, and I vow to return fealty with fealty, honor with honor, until death and beyond it."
Alanna of Trebond and Olau and Jonathan IV of Conté after her return from the Roof of the World, when they first saw each other again.[src]

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