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Veralidaine Sarrasri (pronounced vehr-AHL-ee-dayn SAHR-rah-sree) (b. 436 HE), also known as Daine (pronounced dayn), is Gallan by birth although Tortallan by adoption. She is a warrior and mage in the King's service, and was formerly Assistant Horsemistress the Queen's Riders. She is generally known as the Wildmage as there is currently no other possessor of wild magic with such power. She and her husband Numair Salmalín make a formidable magical team, and were key players in The Immortals War.

She has adopted a baby dragon named Skysong, or Kitten, and has powerful magic with all animals, including the ability to speak to them through their minds. She also has the ability to shape shift into any animal, except for immortals, since the rule is that if one takes on the shape of an immortal, he or she may not change back.

Daine is the protagonist of The Immortals quartet and also appears as a minor character in both the Protector of the Small quartet and in the Daughter of the Lioness duology.


Quote of the Moment
Cleon: "Now, wait. You can't go setting tradition on its ear. Hazing is the way new boys become pages. They have to earn respect from the older ones, and we teach them to obey orders."
Kel: "So I should let this go on because it's always been that way?" Cleon, the prince, Faleron, all nodded. "No. I know what you mean, Cleon. I do your chores. But this custom leads to worse things. Cleon sends me for papers, but someone else traps a first-year in a corner and keeps making him do stupid tasks. He'll maybe hit the first-year to smarten him when the first-year slows down--and that is dead wrong. If we take this as pages, what about when we're knights? Do we say, Oh, now I'm going to be nice to the weak and the small? Or do we do as we learned when we were pages? I don't mean to lecture. You can laugh and say I'm a silly girl--but when I see anyone big pick on someone small, well, there's going to be a fight."
Kel defending her attitude towards hazing[src]

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