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Musenda Ogunsanwo[1][2] (pronounced moo-SEND-ah oh-goon-SAN-woh), also known as Sarge, was a very large black man. He once had been a Carthaki slave before running away to Tortall. There he eventually got work with the Queen's Riders, where he held the rank of a sergeant was the training master for the new recruits. He was in charge of the boys and was known among the Riders for his bellow, which could be heard across the Rider fields every morning. He fought in the Siege of Pirate's Swoop in 449 HE and was injured during it, obviously very badly because he would nearly have died had not the magical barriers over the swoop been lifted soon enough so that the healers could work magic again.

He only was a major character in Wild Magic, although he also appeared briefly in Trickster's Choice in Aly's dream of Sarralyn's naming ceremony. However, he was only mentioned as being present and as being one of Sarralyn's godfathers on that occassion. Tamora Pierce once mentioned that Sarge replaced Buri as commander of the Riders after she quit, but this contradicts her other statements that Evin Larse followed Buri as commander[3]. His first name is a tribal name meaning "nightmare", from the Baduma in Africa.[4]

Notes and references

  1. According to a statement of Tamora Pierceon Sheroes Sarge's real name, along with Numair's, was one of the few she picked because of its meaning from The New Age Baby Name Book
  2. The name is a Baduma (African) tribal name meaning "nightmare". source
  3. Sheroes-Central; "Is Sarge Sergeant Ogunsanwo?"; February 22, 2004

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