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Niamara Bancanor
Circle Universe character
Biographical information
Nickname Nia
The Shadow
Born 1027 KF
Nationality Namornese
Title Ravvikki ("Miss")
Viymese (honorific for mage)
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair Golden
Magic Carpentry ambient magic
Family information
Ancestors House Bancanor
Grandparents Unnamed paternal grandmother (still alive)
Parents Kolborn Bancanor
Matazidah Bancanor
Foster parents
Siblings Jorality
Other family
Rank Merchant class, mage
Residence Kadasep Island, Kugisko
Teacher Daja Kisubo
Camoc Oakborn
Affiliation House Bancanor
Bibliographical information
First mentioned '
First appeared Cold Fire
Last appeared '
Latest appearance '
Only appearance '
Last mentioned '

Niamara Bancanor (pronounced nee-ah-MAHR-ah BAN-kan-ohr), or Nia, is a member of a wealthy Kugiskan merchant family. She has three siblings, Jory, Peigi, and Eidart, and is the daughter of Kol and Matazi Bancanor. She is an ambient carpentry mage and is discovered by Daja Kisubo in 1039 KF. She is quite shy. Due to her uncontrolled magic she is also afraid of fire.


Early life

Nia was raised with her siblings in a large mansion in wealthy part of Kugisko. She had a good relationship with her parents, who had magic-sniffers come to the family twice to see if the twins had magic. As Nia had ambient magic, it didn't show up to the magic sniffers.

1039 KF

When Daja comes to stay with the Bancanors in Kugisko, she makes friends with the twelve-year old twins Nia and Jory, who take it upong themselves to teach her to skate. When Daja discovers Jory's cooking magic, she and her teacher Dedicate Frostpine deduce that if Jory has magic, then Nia must as well, being twins. Nia learns that she is a carpentry mage and worries that other merchant clans will not find her a suitable fit for their sons. Her worries are put to rest by her mother, who says that shipbuilding families will be jockeying for Nia's hand. Since Daja and Frostpine tell the Bancanors that the girls must be the ones to choose their teachers, Daja takes them to visit different teachers. Nia only visits one: Camoc Oakborn's shop, and tells Daja that this is the place for her because it feels "right". Daja, although exasperated, realizes that she can't go against Nia's hunch. Nia is placed with Camoc's apprentice, Arnen.

After Bennat Ladradun sets a huge fire in Yorgiry's Hospital, she and Arnen help other carpentry-mages in building the new hospital.

Further education

It is unknown if her parents will send her to the University of Lightsbridge for more intensive magical study, especially since she is expected to make an advantageous marriage.

Personality and Traits

Nia is quite shy and reserved, unlike her twin sister. She is afraid of fire. She would rather just sit down and read than go out and jump around and play. This is why the fighting style meditation was bad for Nia. While her sister was hyperactive, she was only annoyed by it.

Physical Description

Nia looks exactly like her sister, and takes after her mother. In Cold Fire she is 12 years old, 5'4" and slender. She has creamy brown skin and gold-brown crinkled hair that falls to her waist. Her eyes are large and brown, set over a slender nose. She takes after her Bihanese mother rather than her pale Namornese father. Like her sister, she seems to be unaware of her growing beauty.

Other Information

Tamora Pierce plans on writing another novel centered around Nia and her sister, which will also be situated somewhere in Namorn. However, it's still a while until she will get to writing this book.[1]

Notes and references

  1. Random Buzz; "Namorn"; April 23, 2009

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