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Pasco Acalon
Circle Universe character
Biographical information
Born 1027 K.F.
Nationality Emelanese
Physical description
Gender Male
Height 5'5
Hair Black[1]
Eyes Brown
Family information
Grandparents Edoar Acalon (paternal grandfather), Unnamed paternal grandmother[2]
Abbas Qais (maternal grandfather)
Parents Macarin and Zahra Acalon
Foster parents
Siblings Halmaedy and 3 other sisters
Other family Vani (cousin), Rehana Acalon (cousin), Haidaycie Acalon (cousin), Isman Qais (uncle), unnamed cousin
Rank Commoner
Residence Summersea
Teacher Yazmín Hebet (dance instructor)
Sandrilene fa Toren (magic instructor)
Bibliographical information
First mentioned '
First appeared '
Last appeared '
Latest appearance '
Only appearance Magic Steps
Last mentioned '

Pasco Acalon (pronounced PAHS-koe AHK-kah-lohn) is the son of Macarin Acalon and Zahra Acalon. He belongs to a family of Harriers, or "watchmen". He has fours sisters, one of which is Halmaedy Acalon. He is very lively and outgoing, and always gets into trouble. His cousins call him "tippy-feet" because he is always dancing.

In Magic Steps

In 1039 KF, Pasco's friend Osabo Netmender convinces him to perform a dance to lure fish into Osa's family's nets. Lady Sandrilene fa Toren discovers him this way, and tries to convince him that he's a mage. He only really believes her when he manages to dance his cousins up into the air in response to bullying from his cousin, Vani Acalon. After that, Lady Sandry becomes his teacher in all things magical, Lark says that only shamans in the far east have a similar power. Meanwhile the famed dancer Yazmín Hebet teaches him dancing. Pasco, although at first excited at the prospect of studying with such a famous dancer, turns disgruntles as he discovers that Hebet is a tough teacher that pushes him to his limits.

In order to capture the mass murderers Nurhar Dihanur, his wife Alzena Dihanur, and the Unmage, Lady Sandry enlists Pasco to dance the same pattern that lured the fish into his friend's net the day she discovered him. He treats this as a game, but is perfectly precise when performing the spell. Disobeying orders from Lady Sandry, Lark, and Moonstream, he stays in the room, hiding himself with his magic. Alzena Dihanur captures him and threatens his life. Thinking she has the upper hand, she bullies Sandry into releasing them. Sanry, pretending to be helpless, undoes the ties that hold the unmagic in place, then, at the last moment, she uses her thread magic to drag Pasco away from the net. Pasco watches as the three murderers are ripped to pieces by Unmagic.

After these events, he goes to stay at Yazmín's school to learn more about dancing and magic. At this point, his family is resigned to the fact that they will never have a proper harrier out of him. His mother tells him to write and to visit often.

Magical Abilities

Pasco has the ability to dance spells. Using movement and choreography he can design his own spells to achieve magical goals. When first discovered by Sandry, he used a dance to lure fish into his friend's nets. He also used the same sort of dance to lure the Dihanurs and the unmage. Using body language, he can create more of a range of magic. For example, when he hid himself from Dedicate Lark by using the dance move called the "flirt", which would normally draw the eye to a person. By reversing it, he made himself unnoticeable. Pasco exhibits very powerful magic, and is the only known dance-mage in Emelan.


Notes and references

  1. Magic Steps, Cp. 3 (p. 46; Scholastic paperback)
  2. Mentioned in Magic Steps

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