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Patricine noh Akaneru, born Patricine of Mindelan,[1] was the oldest daughter and second child of Ilane and Piers of Mindelan.

In 446 HE Patricine went to the Yamani Islands along with most of her family. There she met Toshuro noh Akaneru and they eventually married. They had two children. Patricine stayed with her husband and his family in the Yamani Islands, when her family returned to Tortall.[2]

She has never appeared in any of the novels, and has only been mentioned very briefly by her mother in Page. Most information known about her was provided by Tamora Pierce on the internet.

Notes and references

  1. There is some inconsistency concerning her name: She has been spelt Patricine on Random Buzz an Sheroes, when Tammy elaborated on Kel's family. However, she has been spelt Patrissa in the Pronunciation Guide.
  2. Random Buzz; "Random Tortall Questions..."; April 22, 2009

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