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The Provost's Dog trilogy is a series of young adult fantasy novels by Tamora Pierce. The series is a prequel to Pierce's other books in the Tortallan Universe and is set in the kingdom of Tortall two hundred years earlier. It details the adventures of Beka Cooper, a member of the Provost's Guard, originally from a Lower City family. The story begins telling her early days as a trainee and also envelops her work as a full-fledged guardswoman. The first volume of this series had been published in 2006, the last was released in 2011. All three novels are published by Random House.


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The first installment, published in October of 2006, describes Beka's first adventures as a trainee guard. Beka has just entered her year as a trainee and is assigned as "Puppy" to one of the most famous Dog pairs of the whole Lower City, Corus' roughest district. One of her partners makes it clear that she doesn't want a Puppy. Besides this Beka has also cause to worry considering the new lodgers in her house, three members of the Court of the Rogue. To top it all she is pursuing two difficult cases at once.



The second book of the series, published in April of 2009, continues Beka's story more than a year later. By now Beka has become a full member of the Provost's Guard, although she is still a first-year Dog. Her bad luck with her partners causes her to be repeatedly temporarily reassigned to Tunstall and Goodwin. Together they find hints towards a counterfeiter. Beka and Goodwin pursue this hint to Port Caynn, where they have to be on their guard. Not only the city's Rogue, but also the Deputy Provost disapproves of their being in Port Caynn, complicating their work. Their friendship to gamblers proves helpful, although they can't rule them out as the actual counterfeiters.



This last volume was published on October 25, 2011. The book was originally titled "Elkhound", but Tamora Pierce didn't find it fitting to the content anymore, so the title was changed around the time Bloodhound was published.[1][2] In this book Beka is partnered with Tunstall. Along with Lady Sabine, Pounce and Achoo they have to find the young prince, who has been kidnapped.


  • Rebakah "Beka" Cooper – A young, up-and-coming member of the Provost's Guard and protegée to the Lord Provost. Ancestor of Eleni and George Cooper. Beka has magic that allows her to hear restless spirits on the backs of pigeons and dust spinners. She is sometimes referred to as Fishpuppy, a reference to her first night as a "Puppy", when she was tripped while chasing a cutpurse and landed in a pile of fish guts. She is also sometimes referred to as "Terrier", due to the fact that she "sticks her teeth in and never lets go", a reference to how she never stops until she has brought criminals to justice. She is also the object of Rosto's flirtations; although she discourages him.
  • Lord Gershom of Haryse – The Lord Provost, in command of Corus's city guard, and Beka's benefactor.
  • Pounce – A black cat with purple eyes, Beka's foundling pet, whom only she can hear speaking like a human being. It has been suggested by some characters that Pounce is a constellation (called The Cat) that has come to live on Earth.
  • Achoo - A scent hound that Beka rescues in the second book. They become a very good team.
  • Rosto the Piper – Thief, comic relief, and potential romantic interest. He is a Scanran Rusher who encounters Beka. Originally she is not attracted to him, but as they meet and when he eventually moves into her boarding house with Kora and Aniki, they become slow friends. As the Shadow Snake case becomes more serious, their relationship grows. With the book's progression, his appearances in the book and importance to the plot increase as well. Rosto is described as a twenty two year old who stands at five feet and ten inches. He is skinny but well muscled. Extremely pale with nearly white hair but black eyes. On his left eyebrow he has a sideways forked scar. At the end of Terrier, he has become the new King of Rogues.
  • Aniki Forfrysning – Scanran rusher and swordswoman, friend of Kora, Beka and Rosto.
  • Tansy Lofts – Crookshank's grandson's wife and Beka's childhood friend. Tansy's son, Rolond, was killed by a mysterious "Shadow Snake".


  • Birdie – Provost's Guard nickname for informants
  • Bugnob – a person with little brains
  • Cages – holding cells for prisoners of the kennel
  • Cityman – a person who is noble
  • Cove – male
  • Cracknob – a madman
  • Cuddy – slob
  • Dog – member of Provost's Guard
  • Douse – to murder
  • Doxie – female prostitute
  • Ducknob – a person with little intelligence
  • Filcher – small-time criminal
  • Foist – master pickpocket
  • Gixie – girl
  • Hobble – to tie up or arrest
  • Kennel – prison/police station
  • Mot – female
  • Puppy – trainee of Provost's Guard, not yet a full Dog
  • Rat – Provost's Guard nickname for criminals
  • Spintry – male prostitute



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