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Biographical Information
Nationality Tortallan
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Hair Red
Eyes Brown
Family Information
Ancestors Rebakah Cooper
Husband Coram Smythesson
Children Jonthair, Alinna, Thomsen, Mylec, Daran, Liam, Thayine, Rose, Elenna, and Buran
Other Family George Cooper (cousin), Eleni Cooper (aunt)
Rank Commoner (former), Noble
Rogue Position
Affiliation Court of the Rogue
the Rogue, Tortallan nobility
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan character
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Rispah Cooper, later Rispah of Trebond (pronounced RIHZZ-pah of tray-BOND), is the cousin of George Cooper and the niece of Eleni Cooper. She later married Coram Smythesson. In the early 400s HE, she was the Queen of the Ladies of the Rogue. It is unknown if it was her father or mother who were members of the Cooper family by birth, as her parents were not necessarily married, as was the case with her cousin's parents.


Early Life

Not much is known about her early life. According to her adoptive niece, Aly Crow, Rispah was a flower seller in Corus and Port Caynn. It was then when she noted some of the horrific things that masters inflict on their servants. She later became Queen of the Ladies of the Rogue, while her cousin George became King of the Rogue.

At some point in her life, she met and befriended Joesh Valany, the Shang Falcon. Although Rispah is an attractive woman, she never married until later in her life.

Meeting Alan of Trebond

Rispah met Alanna when the girl came to the Dancing Dove in order to get help in dealing with a rival, Ralon of Malven from George. She later became good friends with Alanna.

After Alanna returned from the Bazhir, Rispah was the one to greet Alanna, Coram, and Faithful at House Azik in Port Caynn. She was immediately taken by Coram, and he by her. Alanna introduced them, realizing that she might have just played matchmaker. During their stay at House Azik, she became more friendly with Coram and it is clear that they reached an understanding. She approved of the relationship between her cousin and Alanna. When Coram, Alanna, and Faithful started traveling again, Rispah and Coram had an agreement that Alanna would show Rispah to Coram through means of magic.

Once Coram, Alanna, and Faithful returned from the Roof of the World with the Dominion Jewel, Rispah married Coram after the battle with Roger of Conté. Alanna signed her lands over to Coram, as he was made Baron of Trebond and she was made Baroness. They have ten children: Jonthair, Alinna, Thomsen, Mylec, Daran, Liam, Thayine, Rose, Elenna, and Buran[1].

Scanran War

In the Scanran War, the new Baron and Baroness of Trebond tended wounded at a medical camp of their own making[2].

Physical description

Rispah is tall with ample bosom. She has red hair and large brown eyes. Her voice is described as husky.[3]

Personality and traits

She has a playful and teasing personality, though she can be tough and cool-headed in danger.

Notes and references

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