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Si-cham was the Chief of the Masters in the Mithran Cloisters in the City of the Gods. His black and gold robes showed this status. This made him the head of the Cult of Mithros in all the Eastern Lands. He was also a powerful sorcerer.[1]

Alanna first encountered him when she and George visited her brother Thom in the City of the Gods while she was still a squire. Alanna liked Si-cham, while Thom despised him and the other masters because he thought they envied him for his power.[2]

When George realized that something was wrong with Thom's Gift, he sent a message to Si-cham asking Thom's old master for help. He took longer to get to Corus than expected because once everyone realized he was actually going, they all needed him to do things in the last minute. Upon his arrival in Corus some youths cornered him and demanded of him to dance for the Goddess. While he had actually done so when he was younger, he was too old to do so then. He was rescued by the Bazhir working for Sir Myles. Thom at first refused to be helped by Si-cham, but at the end he gave in and they worked together to find out what was wrong.[3]

Si-cham died on the day of the July full moon in 439 HE[4], the day of Jonathan IV of Conté's coronation, when Josiane Rittevon, a princess from the Copper Isles killed him with an ax. He was unable to defend himself with his Gift, as Roger of Conté had a leeching spell on anyone who used their Gift, and Roger had cut off Si-cham's hand to bind a part of his Gift to Roger and Si-cham knew that he could not use his Gift without draining it all into Roger. Josiane purposefully attacked Si-cham so that he would protect himself with magic, opening himself up to Roger's leaching spell. By dying without defending himself, he took his Gift out of Roger's grasp forever. Roger would have grown more powerful with the addition of Si-cham's Gift if the old man had not been careful.[3]

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