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The Kingdom of Sotat
Circle Universe place
Location To the east of the Pebbled Sea
Terrain Desert, hilly, lush
Climate Warm, dry, hot
Main Industry Gold
Location information
Residents The Sotaten peoples
Capital Hajra
Government Absolute Monarchy
Head of State The King of Sotat
Bibliographical information
First mentioned '
First appeared '
Last appeared '
Latest appearance '

Sotat is a kingdom neighboring Emelan to the east, Qalai to the south and Janaal to the west. Most of Sotat's eastern border is the coastline of the Pebbled Sea. Its capital city is Hajra, where Briar Moss was born and raised. Chammur is formally part of Sotat, although practically independent. Gold is mined in Sotat[1].

One of their legendary generals, Skyfire, retired in 1030 K. F. and became a dedicate to the Fire Temple.[2]

A Sotaten dish is eggplant stuffed with lamb and rice.[3] The people of Sotat are known to eat couscous with their hands.[4]

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