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Stefan Groomsman (pronounced STEF-uhn) was a hostler in the Tortallan royal palace. Later he even became the head hostler. He bred horses for the knights and supervised all that was going on. He was also the man that gave Daine Mangle, a packhorse. He was one of Numair's former students since he had wild magic.

Stefan had been at the palace since Alanna's time. When she was a page he kept carrier pigeons to get messages quickly to George Cooper, the Rogue at that time. His Corus accent[1] indicated that he had been living in the city all his live or at least since a very young age. When Alanna was a page Stefan was described as a "short, blond youth with with pale eyes and reddish skin."[2] He was usually shy around people and prefered the company of the horses, but he befriended Alanna soon after her arrival.

He appears in most of the Song of the Lioness novels and also makes small appearances in The Immortals quartet and the Protector of the Small quartet.

Notes and references

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