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The People are the animals in the Tortallan Universe. The term refers to all mortal animals, who are no different from animals in the real world in terms of behavior and sentience.


Animals who have been exposed to Daine, even for a shot period of time, seem to be more intelligent and self-aware than those who have not. Because of Daine's presence at the palace in Corus, the animals there have gained a reputation for behaving unusually due to their increased intelligence. Some animals consider Daine's abundance of wild magic to mean that she is one of the People, rather than a human. It is unclear whether this is true, or if it is simply the way the People interpret Daine's godly qualities. Daine also has the ability to 'fill' animals with her magic, which gives them intelligence entirely equal to that of humans.

Animal Gods

Each species has its own male and female deity that originated the species. These gods are as intelligent as the humans' gods, and reside in the Divine Realms. The animal gods are not to be confused with mortals' gods that have the appearance of animals, such as Kidunka the World Snake.

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