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The Tortallan Universe is the setting of most of Tamora Pierce's books, namely those centering around Alanna, Daine, Kel, Aly and Beka. As most of the main characters originate from Tortall and thus most stories take place there, this universe is normally refered to by using the expression "Tortallan Universe", although there are of course many other countries and some are certainly bigger than Tortall. There are also books not set in Tortall at all, like the duology centering around Aly, that have the Copper Isles as setting. So far there doesn't exist any detailed map of this universe showing the proportions of the different countries. However, Pierce has anounced a companion book for this universe and she promised that maps would be included in it[1].

The other universe created by Pierce is the Emelanese Universe.

Nations of the Tortallan Universe

Stories set in the Tortallan Universe


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Notes and references

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