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Trisana Chandler
Emelan character
Biographical information
Nickname Tris,
Fatty (by children in the Winding Circle dormitories),
Coppercurls (by Briar)
Born 1024 K.F.[1]
Nationality Capchenite (former), Emelanese
Physical description
Gender Female
Height 4'4" (early 1035 KF)
4'7" (Mead Moon of 1035 KF)
5'3" (in 1039 K.F.)[2]
Hair Red
Eyes Grey
Family information
Parents Valden and Darra Chandler (biological, estranged)
Lark and Rosethorn (foster mothers)
Frostpine, Niklaren Goldeye, Crane (foster fathers)
Siblings Sandrilene fa Toren
Daja Kisubo
Briar Moss (adopted)
Other Aymery Glassfire (cousin)
Uraelle Chandler (aunt)
Murris Chandler (uncle)[3]
Emmine Chandler (aunt)[3]
Rank Merchant (former)
Accredited mage
Teacher Niklaren Goldeye (main instructor)
Dedicate Crane
Student/s Kethlun Warder
Glakisa Irakory
Zhegorz Fiavrus
Affiliation Winding Circle
Bibliographical information
First mentioned '
First appeared Sandry's Book
Last appeared '
Latest appearance The Will of the Empress
Niko: "I wish that by now you could trust me."
Tris: "Everyone I ever trusted sent me away"
— Niko and Tris[src]

Trisana Chandler, nicknamed Tris, is a powerful ambient weather mage and an estranged member of House Chandler. She was born in the country of Capchen. She is an extremely powerful mage, and has a good grip on academic magic as well as her own natural ambient magic. Her parents, Valden and Darra Chandler sent her away to live with different family members when she was younger. Finally before being sent away again, Niklaren Goldeye took her to Winding Circle temple in Emelan. She has three foster siblings, Sandrilene fa Toren, Briar Moss, and Daja Kisubo, and quite a few foster parents including her teacher Niko, Rosethorn, Lark, and Frostpine.


Early life

"We can't keep her. Her parents swore that she was tested for magic and found to have none, but ... I don't know if she is possessed by a spirit, or part elemental, or carying a ghost, to be at the center of such uproar, and I don't care."
—Dedicate Superior of Stone Circle in Ninver, Capchen, refering to Tris.[src]

Tris was born in early Wolf Moon in 1025 KF[1][4]. Growing up, her family thought she was haunted or possessed based on the strength of the different weather phenomena that she unwittingly created. Magic testers, even the most expensive ones in Ninver[5] had repeatedly failed to find any magic. Although she was actually in possession of academic magic, it was actually blocked from sight due to her untamed ambient magic[6]. Tris was transferred from one family member to another, because nobody wanted her due to the ruckus she caused when she accidentally used her magic. She became bitter towards people and really only loved animals because they were the only ones who would accept her. The longest time she spent with any family member was with Uraelle Chandler, her great-aunt, which was for three years. Her Aunt Uraelle used her mainly for working and taught her how to clean thoroughly[7]. Uraelle used to take Tris' books away when she didn't do the chore's to her satisfaction[8]. In the year 1033 KF, Tris had been living with her uncle Murris Chandler and her aunt Emine[3].

Eventually her entire family gave up on her and sent her to Stone Circle temple in Ninver, Capchen[9]. She was discovered there by Niklaren Goldeye when they were trying to get rid of her. By then Tris was almost ten years old. Niko recognized her to be a weather-witch with more powers than what the normal weather mage usually had.

Arrival at Winding Circle

Niko: "If you would lend me some of your magic, it will be easier."
Tris: "What must I do?"
Niko: "I'll call it forth, as long as you agree to let me do it. Not just in words, Trisana. You must agree from within. You have to trust me."
Tris: "Sure, Niko."
— Trisana Chandler and her teacher Niklaren Goldeye when he needs to borrow some of her magic for an especially power-consuming spell to see the past[src]

When she arrived at Winding Circle, she did not fit in. She preferred spending her time reading than with other children. Niko moved her to Discipline, a cottage that was run by Dedicates Lark and Rosethorn. Tris also had new house-mates, a young noble girl called Sandry, a Trader called Daja and a thief-boy called Briar. Tris thought that they would not get along, as nobles and merchants were not supposed to be friends, Traders and merchants hated each other, and thieves weren't good company for anyone respectable. She was irritated when Sandry, the girl whom she thought would be the most against forging friendships, kept pushing friendliness on each of them despite their protests. In the beginning she was sure that Sandry was just pretending to be her friend, like so many before her.

Magic student

Beginning lessons

Tris became the full student of Niko, something she was fully against as she was sure that they would send her away after a while. Tris was not informed of her magic at the beginning, as Niko thought it was more important to teach her to control it than to have her know. He taught her how to meditate and learned that she was able to hear things on the winds.

Tris became cognizant that she was a mage after she accidentally created a weaterspout in the market of Summersea, the capital of Emelan. When the townsfolk protested the presence of young mage students in areas where there were priceless goods, Duke Vedris IV ruled that no punishment would be given, but the four would have to be confined to Winding Circle until their teachers decided that they had control over their magic.

Tris also began to feel large tremors in the ground, but she continued her studies. She learned about the properties of metals with Frostpine and Daja once[10]. The day before Midsummer in the same year, Tris experimented with the tides[11]. As Niko had already warned her not to play with the forces of nature, she became incredibly weak and had to be carried home by Kirel. Niko gave her the book Daring the Wheel: Those Who Defied Nature's Magic to read, which had a sobering experience on her[12].


A few weeks after her experience with the tides, Tris and her house-mates became trapped underground during a large earthquake. Daja's magic was able to hold the rock off of them, being a smith mage. Tris was shocked to learn that Sandry was afraid of the dark, because the noble girl had always seemed so brave to her. She also helped by making sure fresh air came into their prison. Sandry was able to weave their magics together to make them stronger by using a thread she had with four lumps. She spun them together and they were able to cocoon themselves in nature magic, thus protecting themselves against the larger quake.

They were rescued by their teachers and Dedicate Gorse.

Aymery's visit and pirate attack

Approximately ten weeks after the earthqake pirates began their attack on Winding Circle. At the same time Tris' cousin Aymery Glassfire, a student at the University of Lightsbridge, arrived, supposedly to do studies in the temple's library. Tris was quite surprised to see her cousin again but she was also glad because he had always been the only family member who had shown any kindness towards her. Aymery was just as surprised as Tris and told her that her father was fatally ill and that she would do better to return home. Tris refused, however. Only days later Aymery even moved into Discipline cottage because the temple dormitories were full with refugees. Briar, who had searched Aymery's belongings, told Tris that something was wrong with her cousin. At the beginning Tris wouldn't believe him, but when they followed him one night they surprised him when he tried to open the north gate for the pirates. Tris took him to task. She learned that he had been working for the pirates all along and was bound to their head mage, Enahar, by blood and magic. Still he wanted to save her. When the pirates entered the temple grounds they killed Aymery, enraging Tris to the point where her temper would cause her powers to get away from her, again. She sent a strong hailstorm on the pirates and Winding Circle, waking the dedicates, who had been under the influence of a sleeping potion smuggled into the kitchen by Aymery, and saving the temple.

Her rage towards the pirates didn't vanish the next day, however. Although Aymery had betrayed the temple she still had loved him. He was family and the only one who had been kind to her. Her rage finally boiled over and Tris attacked the pirate ships with a waterspout. With a little help from her three friends she destroyed the fleet's flagship with her lightning and killed their head mage, Enahar. This saved her and all of Winding Circle, but she would still have nightmares and bad feelings for it years later. To repair some of the damage she had done Tris volunteered in the infirmaries to help care for the wounded from the attack, which included injured pirates.[13] After the attack Tris also realised that she needed to learn control of her magic as to prevent killing so many people ever again.[14]

Niko: "Have you any ideas about what area of your talents we should concentrate on?"
Tris: "I need to learn control, Niko--for real. With everything. I think the rest has to wait. I don't want this to happen again. Not ever."
Niko: "At least you know it. You could have been another Enahar, living off human pain."
— Niko and Tris after the pirate attack[src]

Visit to Gold Ridge Valley

Along with the other residents of Discipline cottage, Niko and Frostpine Tris accompanied Duke Vedris to his visits to the northern Emelanese fiefs during autumn of 1035 KF. One of their stops was Gold Ridge. There Sandry unspun the children's magics so they each regained control over it, although they continued be able to speak to each other in their minds. Tris herself helped Daja to prevent a forest fire from killing Daja and Tenth Caravan Idaram by melting part of Dalburz Glacier's ice with the help of hot springs, the warmth of which she redirected towards the glacier.

The Duke's party, and with it Tris, returned to Summersea and Winding Circle in time for winter. Her preference for places overlooking the surrounding land led her to visit the wall around the temple community regularly; she even seemed to have been developing a habit visiting the wall at night. She especially enjoyed looking out over the harbor islands and the Pebbled Sea. By the following spring she had worn a path between Discipline and the nearest stair.[15]

Blue Pox

During the blue pox epidemic in spring of 1036 KF, nearly a year after Tris' arrival at Winding Circle, she is asked by Briar to have a look at the samples of the sickness in Dedicate Crane's workroom, because he suspects it having been touched by magic. But because he isn't sure he wants Tris' opinion; Tris was the first of the children to have the ability to see magic, after all. Thus Briar convinced Crane to let Tris try for his assistant, when another one of them failed to fit his high expectations. Tris not only confirmed Briar's suspicions but also proved to be the first assistant Crane had during the epidemic to be able to match his high standards.



While she and Niko were traveling, Tris reads about scrying winds, and eventually learns to see things on the winds, to add to her ability of hearing things on the winds.

In the city of Tharios, Tris takes on Kethlun Warder (Keth) when it is discovered he has lightning and glass magic. He had accidentally created Chime, a flying, moving, glass dragon. The lightning aspect makes Tris the ideal teacher for him. Tris discovers that Glakisa Irakory (Glaki) has academic magic and is responsible for her teaching as well.

She, along with Demakos Nomasdina, and Keth, hunt down the Ghost using Keth's future-telling glass balls. She does not approve of Tharian culture however, in that they are forbidden to handle the dead, and those that do are treated like dirt. In the end, she warns the prathmun to escape Tharios as there will be a mass slaughter if they don't.


When Sandry goes to visit her relatives in Namorn, Tris, Daja and Briar accompany her. By this time Tris decides that she is going to get an Academic credential from Lightsbridge University so that she can practice "proper magic" and earn a living.[16] She leaves Little Bear behind, but takes Chime with her.

During their two month travel north she saves the caravan from a collapsed dam while they are crossing a ford. Instead of this bringing the friends closer together it pulls them farther apart, especially Tris and Sandry.[17]

While in Namorn they discover Zhegorz (a man Daja met in Cold Fire) who they realise isn't crazy, but a scryer. The others figure out that Tris too can scry[18] and she becomes Zhegorz's teacher.

She is offered a position as one of the empress's mages and says she will think it over, so as not to offend. She also decidedly knows that she will never do war-magic with what she will do, and plans to refuse in the end, although the monetary offer is quite generous.

Tris saves a fishing fleet while at the imperial palace, and while at Landreg she repairs the damage done to a shorline near a villege which would cause a bridge to collapse. She also helps Briar save Sandry from a kidnapping attempt and uses her powers to block up the tunnels under the imperial palace.

When Sandry decides to leave Namorn due to the insult, Tris, Daja, and Briar plan to leave with her. Then, in order to make it so the four are less cocky when dealing with imperial mages, Berenene orders Ishabal Ladyhammer to weave a curse that will injure Tris, but not kill her. When Sandry says that they will stay with Tris while she recovers, Tris firmly tells them to leave for Emelan before the empress comes up with something new.

She, along with her foster-sibling, manage to bring down the magical barrier that blocks entrance from Olart. They all rejoin magically.

Physical description

She has curly copper-coloured hair[9], stormy gray eyes which usually held a fierce look[19], and wears glinting brass-rimmed spectacles[20]. She had pale red lashes and fair brows.[19] Tris's nose is rather long[20]. Tris's chin was sharper than her foster sister Sandry's, but as firm as hers[19]. She is slightly chubby[9] and is called "Fatty" a few times by some of the crueler persons surrounding her. When Tris first comes to Winding Circle Temple she wears a old, stained dress that doesn't even really fit her as it is quite tight on the seams[9]. The following winter Lark and Sandry had remade Tris's wardrobe, which then also included garments fit for a visit at Duke's Citadel.[19] At the age of ten, when she first comes to Winding Circle, Tris is four feet and four inches (4'4") tall[21]. Six months later she has grown three inches, which makes her four feet and seven inches (4'7")[1] around Mead Moon in 1035 KF. When she is fourteen she is five feet three inches (5'3") tall, half a foot smaller than Niko.[2] Later, when she obtains her mage's credential, she does her hair in numerous braids, although her foster-brother Briar Moss still calls her 'Coppercurls.' Her magic is with weather and her braids are her mage kit, each one storing things like lightning and wind. Her braids do not store rain, however, as it makes her hair go frizzy.

Tris has a sensitive throat, being the first of the children affected by the smoke in Gold Ridge Valley and "coughing a great deal".[22]

Personality and traits

Tris: "Let me be. My feelings are none of your affair."
Daja: "They are if you burn this house down around us."
— Tris and Daja the morning after Aymery's death[src]

Tris has quite a temper as well as a sharp tongue that has been known to hurt other people's feelings.[23] In her childhood she has learned not to make friends immediately, as most people betrayed her trust by sending her away once they noticed the peculiar weather phenomenons taking place around Tris. Other children didn't befriend her easily either, because they used to tease her with her plumpness and they, too, avoided her because of the strange things happening around her. Often the teasings of other children were the trigger of the weather phenomenons caused by Tris and she "didn't like it" when Niko told her that controlling her magic also meant not to punish others that way.[24]

She doesn't like people who cheat by copying or trying to shove ahead in a line, one aspect which makes her unpopular with the other children in the temple[9]. Tris likes reading and is easily vexed when someone interrupts her at it.[25] Her choice in books also includes such as history, biography or astronomy, topics which her roommates considered "completely useless area[s] of knowledge".[19] Tris likes standing on high ground, where she can see the land around; this preference for lookout spots comes from her being a weather-witch.[26]

She dislikes buttermilk.[27]

Tris is also very insecure, even when it comes to dealing with her foster-siblings. When they all return from their travels she realizes that the rest of her family will be rich, while she will struggle to make a living, which is also why she wants to attend Lightsbridge University.[28] When they reach Namorn she feels out of place and does not want to ascoiate with the wealthy world she finds there.[29]

She forgets all about her insecurity, however, when someone needs her help, especially family, but also others. Thus she was able to teach a much older student in Kethlun Warder, even if he didn't believe a mere girl could teach him anything at the beginning. When people she cares about are in danger her temper is likely to get the better of her. When she was still unable to control her power this was often accompanied by strange weather phenomena, like hail indoors or simply lightning crawling over Tris' skin.

Tris had been raised as a merchant's daughter and thus learnt of the prejudices against the poor. This caused her to dislike everything connected with poverty during her early time at Discipline. For example she didn't like Briar immediately but needed time to become friendly with him. She still harvested some prejudices after a year's stay at the cottage and once even voiced the opinion that everyone knew that the poor bred disease.[30] She was sharply reprimanded by Lark for this statement. However, there might also have spoken fear for Briar and Rosethorn from this remark because Tris, very like Briar, had a habit of hiding her fear behind harsh remarks.

Skills and abilities


Tris has acquired several useful skills before she came to Discipline. Thus she is the only one of the four children who can properly clean a house and teaches this to the others. She is also very good at reading and writing which she teaches Briar. Furthermore she is the best of them when it comes to bargaining. Her abilities in this field even exceed those of Daja, who is a Trader.[31]

However Tris also lacks certain skills. Thus she is the only one of the four young mages who can't speak Tradertalk when she comes to Discipline. She learns some of it while living at the cottage. Briar has also to teach her how to pick locks and Tris isn't adept at fighting, either. Out of the four she is the one who tires the quickest. She has also lost some social skills due to her casting out by each of her family members and can come off as rude and unpleasant.

Magical abilities

Daja: "How do you know it will be cooler?"
Tris: "Am I the weather-witch around here or not? I know."
— Daja Kisubo and Trisana Chandler on a hot day at Discipline cottage[src]

Tris is arguably one of the most powerful mages in the world. She has ambient magic with weather and the earth, affecting various types of elemental currents, such as the flow of magma or the ocean tides. When she was first learning how to control her power she, Briar and Daja created a light-shedding crystal to serve as Sandry's night lamp. Not even a year later Tris had already managed to created a crystal lamp on her own, one that was clearer and gave more and steadier light than the first creation by her and her two siblings[32].

She is the only known weather mage that can predict the weather accurately, one hundred percent of the time. She stores her magic, as well as raw power, in her hair, which she braids in specific magical patterns taught to her by her foster-sister, Sandry. The braids allow her to keep vast amounts of power with her at all times and can only be unpinned by Tris. On the wind, she can scry places far away, witnessing events as they unfold. This is a skill that only one in a generation possesses, as most mages go mad attempting to see on the winds. The breezes can be made by Tris to bring her voices, while at the same time cooling her off (She learned to scry first in Shatterglass). During rain, she can create a shield of air so the people under it don't get wet. She can pin people with wind and create breezes and tornadoes. She is also capable of manipulating water, earth, and magma. She can spin winds and water into threads and balls, shaping them to her need. She can raise shields against spells in a few moments that would take most accomplished mages hours to make. One of her more interesting powers is her ability to sprout lightning and to control it at will. That's another one of the special aspects of Tris' magic. Unlike most mages working with weather she doesn't have to wait for a existing storm but sprouts lightning on her own[33]. Especially when she was new to her power her lightning used to crawl all over her skin when she was in an emotional upheaval. When their powers were still linked through Sandry's spinning them together Tris' lightning didn't hurt any of her forster sisters or brother[8]. Since her magical nature was part of the Earth's forces her spirit-self could even go into molten lava without taking any damage by it; a deed not even Daja as a smith-mage could do[34].


Biological Family - House Chandler

"If my father wants me, he'll send for me. The last time I saw him, he told a stranger that he and my mother didn't want me back. Not ever!"
—Tris to her cousin Aymery after he told her of her father's illness[src]

Tris feels resentful towards her family because they made it quite obvious in the past that they didn't want her around for all the odd things happening around the girl. Thus Tris even refuses to consider going home when Aymery tells her that her father is dying[35]—which was a lie of his to get his cousin into safety. In fact Aymery is the only relative Tris feels kind towards, even when she realizes he betrayed Winding Circle to Enahar and his pirate fleet. Aymery's death awakens her rage and she can't be stopped from seeking revenge, thus destroying the pirate fleet, even though she had help.


In her first weeks at Discipline cottage Tris was afraid of the rough dedicate. A feeling caused by Rosethorn's gruff behavior towards her and the other children as well as her statements that she didn't like children and threats that she would punish them if they went into her garden or workroom without permission. Tris discovered Rosethorn's soft side, when she found an orphan starling and Rosethorn explained to her how to care for the young bird. Her fear for the dedicate lessened after that.

Niklaren Goldeye

Niko is Tris's main teacher. He, like her, is vested in his magic, but also in finding and teaching other mages. He, like Tris's other foster-parents, are careful not to treat her like a monster or a prodigy, but like a normal human being. He is careful to remind her of morality (shown when she was going to kill the prathmuni called the Ghost.) He also is careful to instill an awe of magic, and to show her that it is not good if she uses her magic for everyday things as one day she might need all of her reserves. Niko is a good teacher for her, and never strays. He is like a foster-father to Tris and the rest of the four.


Sandry is the sister that Tris is most prickly towards (although she's prickly towards all of them). Tris doesn't approve of Sandry's wealth or station, and she believes that Sandry is being silly whenever Sandry puts on a noble shroud. This can be seen in 1043 KF, when the four venture to Namorn. Tris's dislike of nobility is the main reason that they had trouble getting along in Namorn. She and Sandry have had their good moments, however. She is a realist and she's a good offset to Sandry's seemingly idealistic ways.


Tris disapproves of Briar at first, as he was once a known thief, but the two become good friends. In exchange for fighting lessons, Tris teaches Briar how to read and write. During their visit to Namorn, Briar opens up to her about what happened in Gyongxe because she knows that she won't fall over him with pity. She is forceful in that he should see a mind healer when he gets back to Emelan. Briar is arguably Tris's favorite of her foster siblings, due to their bonding with books, writing, reading, and fighting.


At first, Daja and Tris don't get along, as Daja is a Trader and Tris comes from a merchant family, which means that they are rivals in trade and by culture. They become good friends though, and Tris and Daja even learn about metals together. When they visit Namorn in 1043 KF, Tris has become nasty again, something Daja despises. They have a common interest during the time: the welfare of Zhegorz Fiavrus. When Tris hears from Zhegorz that Daja has told him to go away, and he took it like she actually meant it, Tris confronts the other girl. She is prepared for a fight, but finds that Daja is upset because of the end of her relationship with Rizu and how the woman won't come to Emelan with them. Tris comforts her, and they laugh and reopen their magical connection.


Tamora Pierce is planing to write another novel centered around Tris and her experiences at Lightsbridge University. This novel is tentatively scheduled for publication in 2013, after the book centering around Briar, Evvy and Rosethorn in Yanjing, and doesn't have a title yet.[36]

She appears in all four novels of the Circle of Magic quartet, as well as in Shatterglass and in The Will of the Empress. Tris was based on Tamora Pierce herself[37].

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