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Mistress Trout is a landlady in the Lower City of Corus living in the mid-3rd century HE. She seems to own several houses, at least two, on Nipcopper Close. Rebakah Cooper, Aniki Forfrysning, Koramin Ingensra and Rosto the Piper live in one of the houses. In 246 HE, after he becomes the Rogue, Rosto tries to buy the house to make it to his court, but Mistress Trout convinces him to buy one across the street instead. Rosto rebuilds the ground floor to a tavern and relocates into this house in September 247 HE.

She is related to Amaya Painter through marriage as Amaya is her sister-in-law.[1]

Mistress Trout appears several times as a minor character in Terrier. It is she who gives Beka the pointer that leads her to the crucial information that finally leads to the capture of the Shadow Snake.

Notes and references

  1. Terrier, May 9, 246 (p. 459; Random House paperback)

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