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Ulasu Crow (b. April of 465 HE[1]) is the daughter of Alianne and Nawat Crow. Her sister is Ochobai and her brother is Junim; they are triplets. It is mentioned in Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales that Ulasu is a seer quite possibly, although never explictly stated thet she ended up being a seer. When Ulasu comes out of Aly, there is a filmy white veil over Ulasu's face, which the midwife cuts off and dries out.

She is named after Ulasim Dodeka, but in the Copper Isles, it is considered bad luck to directly name a baby after a deceased person.

Dovasary Balitang and Taybur Sibigat are godsparents to the triplets.[1]


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