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  • Magewhisper

    Hi, I'm Magewhisper, also known as Sarah.  Why I chose Neal's warhorse's name as my username I don't remember... but anyway... I've recently gone back and reread all of Tammy's Tortall books, from A:TFA to Mastiff, and then while searching through Google happened upon this wikia, which apparently I created an account for years ago and simply forgot about.  Now I'm back and thought I'd actually contribute to it, since I have just reread all the books and the stories are fresh in my mind.  I first read A:TFA when I was 11 years old, and have ready every one of Tammy's books since, and most of her short stories as well.  My copies of A:TFA and ITHOTG are held together with masking tape they've been read so many times.  Definitely well-loved b…

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