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  • Purzel

    New Circle Universe Book

    August 29, 2011 by Purzel

    A recent blog post on Tamora Pierce's prive livejournal seems to reveal the title of the next book in the Circle Universe. In the blog entry titled "Catching Up" Tamora Pierce mentions that she will be working on "Battle Magic". This title would fit the topic of the next book, which is to be set during a war in Yanjing and featuring Briar Moss, Evvy and Rosethorn. So "Battle Magic" seems to be at least the working title of the next book.

    I think the title would fit the book (from what we know so far) very well and it would also fit into the scheme that Tamora Pierce's books often tend to have two-word titles or one-word titles recently we've had only two exceptions to this rule (The Will of the Empress and Tortall and Other Lands: A Collectio…

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  • Purzel

    I've been busy with my studies, so unfortunately I haven't been as frequent with giving updates as news as I used to. Unfortunately I can't promise that it gets better. But I can assure you that I'm still here, looking after things and trying to fit in as much time as I can for the wiki.

    This gets me to my first point for this update: I think it would be best to have another, more active admin, so if anyone with in-depth knowledge of Tamora Pierce's books and preferably also MediaWiki/Wikia experience, would like the position and has enough time, please let me know. I have to say that I would first ask for about a month's worth of active participation in the wiki to make sure we find a competent person. The best way would be an answer to th…

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  • Purzel

    Mastiff news

    January 19, 2011 by Purzel

    On my daily check of Tamora Pierce's livejournal I was at first overjoyed by this entry, which states that the first draft of Mastiff is finished and counts 660 pages; about 100 pages more than Bloodhound. Pierce plans on finishing the rewrite by the end of March.

    The bad news of her entry's title phrase follows in the form of a surgery with rehab afterwards for which I wish her the best of luck and a quick recovery.

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  • Purzel

    New design

    December 26, 2010 by Purzel

    Thanks to Denizine the wiki has a new skin. It's more colorful than our old design and has a lovely background image with pictures of different covers of Tamora Pierce's books. If you come across anything that still needs to be tweaked, just let me or Denizine know and we'll see what we can do about it.

    By the way: a watchful editor has informed me that Mastiff is now set to be released in November 2011. This is a more definite release date than the ones known before, so I hope we'll have the book in hands by the end of next year.

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  • Purzel

    I just noticed that Tamora Pierce has made another post on her public livejournal. In it she gives some details concerning the future short story collection, Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales, which is scheduled for publication in February, 2011.

    These are the already published stories featured in this collection: Plain Magic, Testing, Time of Proving, Huntress, Mimic, Student of Ostriches, Elder Brother, The Hidden Girl and The Dragon's Tale.

    Two new stories mentioned by Tamora Pierce are Lost, featuring a Tusaine girl, and Nawat.

    You can read the full post with details to the stories on Tamora Pierce's livejournal.

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