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I've just checked the Full Cast Website for news concerning the release of the audio version for The Realms of the Gods and they have anounced a specific release date, now. Unfortunately this release date is not this month, like they originally anounced, and not even this year. We'll have until February 15th next year to hear the last of The Immortals quartet performed by Full Cast.

Well, more time to save the money for it, I guess.

But there is also some tremendously good news: Magic Steps has been anounced by Full Cast. It will be released on May 15th next year (if they keep to schedule this time). I'm really happy about this, it even makes up for having to wait longer for the completion of the Immortals, because it suggests that they have finally gone back to finishing The Circle Opens quartet as audio versions. Until now only Street Magic had been available as audiobook.

Edit: Because I'm so thrilled about this, I simply have to give you the text of Full Cast's announcement.

"Magic Steps
You've been asking us for years when we would get back to Tammy's great "The Circle Opens" series and at last we're able to do so. In this thrilling adventure Sandry, now 14, gains a student named Pasco, whose magic consists in weaving spells through dancing. She must also face some of the most vicious villains Tamora Pierce has ever created!

Release Date: May 15, 2010
—Full Cast Website

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