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Uta Norwood is Ammon Lofts' bookkeeper.  Together, the two have impoverished hundreds of families.[1] On Crookshank's behalf she visited the Market of Sorrows on May 9, 246 HE, probably to do business with Inman Poundridge concerning the opal diggers he hired.  She was followed by Aniki Forfrysning after she left the slave market. By doing so, and then getting friendly with one of Norwood's rushers, Aniki learned that Norwood carried Crookshank's pay bags to Poundridge, which he used to pay the guards of Crookshank's diggers the next afternoon.[2] This information was vital for finding the diggers.

She only appears in Terrier.

Notes and references

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  2. Terrier, May 10, 246 (p. 493)

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