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Willowbark is a herb used in both the Tortallan and Emelanese Universes. It generally helps against pain and fever. Usually it is applied as tea.


In the Tortallan Universe willowbark tea is often referred to as a remedy to ease a woman's monthlies.[1] Both Rebakah Cooper and Alanna of Trebond are known to use it.


Willowbark tea is a means of lowering a fewer and lessening pain[2] in the Emelanese Universe. Rosethorn, Henna and Briar give the tea to their patients in Urda's House suffering from the blue pox because the fever was the most dangerous element of the illness and the tea normally helped to lower a fever. However, in this case the tea didn't help much, because the fever seemed to be resistant to willowbark.[3] Besides willowbark tea also helped to keep the patients suffering from dehydration.[4] The tea also helps against headaches. The tea was permanently available in Crane's workroom while he and his helpers were searching for a cure against the blue pox. The liquid has a bitter taste[5].

According to Rosethorn the willows believe in a "queen tree", from which all willows are born. She and Briar become this queen tree to restore the old stores of willowbark in Urda's House.[6]

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