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Dedicate Withe is a Water dedicate working in the kitchens in Winding Circle temple near Summersea during the pirate attack of 1035 KF. There he is subordinate to Dedicate Gorse. As the kitchens were short of hands then it is unknown if Withe only filled in or worked permanently there at the time. Trisana Chandler and Briar Moss once meet Dedicate Withe on a visit to the Hub. On that occasion the dedicate accuses Briar of being a thief. He is then told off by Gorse and sent to do his work.[1]

He only appears as a minor character once in Tris's Book and thus not much is known about his background or personality.

Notes and references

  1. Tris's Book, Cp. 8 (p. 134/135; Scholastic paperback)

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