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Wyldon of Cavall
Tortallan character
Biographical information
Nickname The Stump (by Neal)
Nationality Tortallan
Title Lord of Cavall
Physical description
Gender Male
Eyes Brown[1]
Family information
Siblings unnamed brother, Elasabenne of Cavall
Wife Vivienne of Cavall
Children Eiralys, Sunarine, Cathrea and Margarry
Other Owen of Jesslaw (son-in-law)
Rank Knight
Position Training Master (442 HE - 457 HE[2])
Knight master
Squire Owen of Jesslaw
Bibliographical information
First mentioned '
First appeared First Test
Last appeared '
Latest appearance '
"Wyldon was not flexible: he'd proved that to the entire court over and over. If he were any stiffer, Alanna thought wryly, I'd paint a design on him and use him for a shield. He's got no sense of humor and he rejects change just because it's change."
Sir Alanna thinking of Wyldon[src]

Wyldon of Cavall was the page's training master in the middle of the fifth century of the Human Era. He was a conservative who was set in his ways and belief that females could never keep up with males. That's also the reason why he insisted on Keladry of Mindelan being put on probation when she wanted to try for her shield. One of his other students, Nealan of Queenscove, nicknamed him 'The Stump' due to his unchanging nature and his apparent dislike of change itself. Later he resigned from the post as training master and had a command on Tortallans northern border in the Scanran War.


Early life

Wyldon of Cavall was most probably born as the oldest son of his parents, unless an older brother died of which no mention has been made, because he later becomes the lord of fief Cavall. He has at least one younger brother and only one sister, Elasabenne, who is the youngest of the siblings. Wyldon and his sister have a very good relationship and Wyldon is even said to be Elasabenne's favorite brother.[3]

Not much more is known about Wyldon's early life. It is also unknown when exactly he married Vivienne or which was her maiden name. The only known fact that can be used for estimating the date of their marriage is that their youngest daughter, Margarry married in 464 HE[4]. Considering that Wyldon took the post of training master in 442 HE[5] and that Margarry has three older sisters it is likely that Wyldon and Vivenne have been married since at least 440 HE. His sister disapproved of Vivienne because she didn't think that she was good enough for her favorite brother[3] and they still don't talk much.

Life as training master

Wyldon took the post of training master in 442 HE[5]. Five years later he tilted against Raoul of Goldenlake and defeated him. No one has defeated Raoul since then. Lord Wyldon was very good at his job, teaching the future knights well and choosing good teachers for them. This has proved to be fortunate in the Immortals War, where even the pages and squires had been forced to fight and had done well.[6] When immortals attacked the royal nursery at some point in 452 HE[5] Lord Wyldon saved the royal children, though it cost him the use of his arm for the rest of the year and also some of the next year.

When Keladry of Mindelan stated her desire to become a knight Wyldon convinced King Jonathan to put Kel on probation for a year, leaving the final decision as to whether she stayed or was sent away after that year up to the training master. Wyldon gave her a hard year, criticising her and being more strict with her than with any of the other students. However, he allowed her to stay at the end of the year - much to Kel's and his own surprise.

In Kel's second year as a page Wyldon continued to work Kel just a bit harder than the boys, but was more fair than he was in the previous year. During the course of Kel's remaining years as a page, Wyldon moved Kel and several senior pages to doing more advanced exercises, showing that he did believe that Kel was adept at what she did.

Once Kel became the squire of Raoul of Goldenlake Wyldon had less influence on her, only seeing her when Kel travelled to Corus (for various reasons) and while jousting with Kel several times, going so far as to compliment her on her jousting skills and give her suggestions for improvement (though he only unseated her once). Sir Raoul of Goldenlake, Keladry's knight-master and one of the best jousters of his time, told Kel that the last person to unseat him had been Lord Wyldon. Kel asked him if Wyldon had beaten him since, and Raoul answers that he just didn't joust with the lord of Cavall anymore.


In 458 HE Wyldon resigned from the position of training master, despite opposition from most everyone, including Kel. He told Kel that he felt that the failures of Joren of Stone Mountain and Vinson of Genlith, two former classmates of Kel's (who were in truth bullies) who failed in their ordeals, were his fault. Kel couldn't convince him otherwise, for she partially agreed herself. He acknowledged that he was harder on her than the other pages, and was glad at least that he remembered his honor at the end and let her continue her training. Knowing that she couldn't change his mind, Kel asked him to make Owen of Jeslaw, a younger friend of hers, his squire.

Scanran War

After his resignation as training master Wyldon spent some time at his home fief before leaving to take command of Fort Mastiff at the Scanran border. Wyldon placed Kel in charge of a refugee camp, telling her that it's a job that few could do. Kel believed that he wanted to keep her out of the real fighting. However, she realized that she would get her share of battles.

Kel periodically reported to Wyldon about the goings on at her fort. When a trouble-maker complained that he did not like Kel's leadership and later wrote an enraged letter to Lord Wyldon when Kel was forced to place him in the stockades during a battle, Wyldon took her side. He agreed that sometimes such things were necessary.

After Kel's camp was attacked and her people kidnapped, Wyldon ordered her to bury her dead and come back. Later, when Lord Raoul angrily demanded to know why Wyldon actually thought she wouldn't go after her people, he acknowledged that he had a feeling she would, but was very busy at the time.

When Kel got back from rescuing her people in Scanra, expecting to be sentenced a traitor's death for disobeying a direct order, Wyldon proved her wrong. He pardoned her with the slight punishment of building a new fort, something Kel didn't mind in the least.

Physical description

Wyldon is described as being almost bald with sharply chiseled features. He is well muscled and bears a cast on one arm in First Test. Afterwards, he bears a scar on this arm. His face is always shaven clean[7] and his eyes are brown[1].


       │                                         │                  │
Wyldon of CavallVivienne of Cavall  unnamed brother  Elasabenne of Cavall - unnamed husband
       │                                 │                  │                   │
Eiralys of Cavall ┬ unnamed husband  Sunarine of Cavall Cathrea of Cavall Margarry of Cavall - Owen of Jesslaw
             unnamed children

Wyldon is married to Vivenne of Cavall and has at least one sister, Elasabenne of Cavall, who is married and the youngest of the siblings, and one brother. Wyldon and Vivenne have four daughters: Eiralys of Cavall, Sunarine of Cavall, Cathrea of Cavall and Margarry of Cavall. He loves his daughters dearly and doesn't resent that his wife never gave him any sons.[3] Owen of Jesslaw is Wyldon's son-in-law as he is married to Wyldon's youngest daughter Margarry.


  • Is a dog breeder for the Crown and others
  • Nicknamed 'The Stump'
  • Was the last person to knock Lord Raoul of Goldenlake off of a horse in a jousting match


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