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Xantha (pronounced ZAN-thah) was a yaskedasu, working as a dancer and tumbler and living in Tharios' pleasure district Khapik. She was a tenant of Ferouze and thus a neighbor of Kethlun Warder. She is described as a "blonde northern dancer," and tends to be both cynical (as when she disbelieves that Tris is Keth's teacher) and very emotional (as when she is so overwhelmed over the death of her friend Yali that she becomes hysterical). She also tends to indulge in magical thinking; she initially blames herself for the death of another friend, Iralima, feeling that if she hadn't called Ira "a selfish old hen," Ira would not have been murdered.

She only appears as a minor character in Shatterglass.


"Xanthe" and its variants (such as "Xanthos") are Greek for "yellow" or "blond-haired."

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