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Type Empire
Location To the far east
Size Vast
Terrain Mountainous, Lowland
Climate Temperate
Landforms Drimbakang Sharlog Mountains
Ice Lion Pass
Snow Serpent Pass
Bodies of water Bay of Storms
Snow Serpent River
Grinding Fist River
Marine Life
Location Information
Official Language Yanjingyi
Religious Head
Religion Living Circle
Patron God
Law Enforcement
Major Events
Capital Dohan
Port Cities
Major Cities Kushi
Major Roads
Notable Buildings
Government Absolute monarchy
Head of State Emperor Weishu
Wars Gyongxin War (1041 KF)
War with Namorn (off and on)
Enemies Gyongxe
Briar Moss
(during Gyongxin War)
Namorn (generally)
Main Industry
Trade Partners
Bibliographical information
Circle Universe place
First Mentioned Street Magic
First Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Last Appeared '
Only Appearance Battle Magic
Last Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '

The Empire of Yanjing (pronounced yann-JIHNG, soft "j") was a country in the eastern part of the Emelanese Universe. It was based on China and the years were named after animals, e.g. Year of the Crow, Year of the Cat and Year of the Turtle.[1] The latter was in 1039 K.F.. Yanjing was famous for its shakkan trees, which were developed by Yanjingyi gardeners over a period of a thousand years. The emperor of Yanjing had the largest known collection of miniature trees. Snow leopards were known to live in the southern mountains of Yanjing[2]. A strong blend of black tea came from Yanjing, which, combined with stimulants like foxglove, allowed Yarrun Firetamer to retain his concentration and stay awake during the fires in Gold Ridge in 1035 KF[3].

Evumeimei Dingzai's family came from the province of Zhangzhou[4] in Yanjing and she once traveled there with Briar Moss and Dedicate Rosethorn. Lark was also known to once have traveled to Yanjing, although this was before she became a dedicate of the Living Circle religion, when she was still a tumbler. It was also possible that Qinling, who later lived in Princes' Heights, the older parts of Chammur, was originally from Yanjing, as she sometimes spoke Evvy's native language with the girl.

Even in a place as far away as Yanjing, people knew of Winding Circle's accomplished mage-teachers.[5]

In Battle Magic, Yanjing is ruled by Emperor Weishu. This novel is based on Briar, Evvy and Rosethorn's time in Yanjing.

Notes and references

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