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Lady Yukimi
Reigning Monarch
Years of Service
Biographical Information
Nickname Yuki
Honorific '
Born 441 HE[1]
Nationality Tortallan (naturalized)
Yamani (by birth)
Gift Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Short
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Other Plump
Family Information
Adoptive Parents
Husband Nealan of Queenscove
Children Unnamed daughter
Adoptive Children
Other Family
Patron God
Rank Nobility
Bazhir Tribe
K'miri Tribe
Affiliation Princess Shinkokami
Keladry of Mindelan
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Squire
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned Lady Knight

Yukimi of Queenscove, born Yukimi noh Daiomoru (pronounced YOO-kee-mee noe die-oh-MOHR-oo) , nicknamed Yuki, is a Yamani noblewoman. She moved to Tortall as a member of Princess Shinkokami's entourage, and served as one of the princess's ladies in waiting in 456 HE. She is currently a Tortallan citizen and married to Nealan of Queenscove, a nobleman and knight of the realm. They had one daughter together so far, who would later try for her knighthood.


Early life

Yukimi was a member of a Yamani noble house and lived at the emperor's court. She met Keladry of Mindelan when they were very young, and practice naginata together. After Ilane of Mindelan rescued the Gods' Swords, the Mindelan family became more integrated into the court. She became close friends with Keladry and would remember her years later.

Move to Tortall

Yukimi accompanied Princess Shinkokami as a member of her ladies in waiting to Tortall along with Haname noh Ajikuro. They were also accompanied by Prince Eitaro, a first-rank prince and close relative of the emperor. Yuki knew that Kel was training as a squire. She greeted Kel in the pages' and squires' mess hall, and all of the boys became smitten with her because of her beauty. Yuki asked Kel if she would visit Shinkokami, to help the princess feel more welcome in this new environment and to help her prepare for her marriage to Crown Prince Roald.

Kel, Yuki, Haname, and Shinko began naginata training in the mornings. They were joined by no less a person as Queen Thayet as well as Lady Ilane, Kel's mother. Yuki accompanied her imperial mistress on the Grand Progress set about by the monarchs in order to show Shinkokami to the realm. She became worried for Shinkokami when she saw that Shinko and Prince Roald were perhaps too polite too each other, and were very uncomfortable. This sparked Kel's plan to get Shinko and Roald talking about battle strategy and tactics. Yuki became more comfortable with Sir Nealan as well, and the two developed feelings for each other. Their relationship developed slowly, talking to each other, dancing during occasional events.[2]

She was worried for Sir Nealan when he took his Ordeal of Knighthood due to the shadows cast by Joren of Stone Mountain and Vinson of Genlith and their unsuccessful Ordeals. Kel discovered that Yuki loved Neal, even though she flirted with many others. After his Ordeal, Neal came up to Yuki with a question in his eyes. Her response was to give him her shukusen, which he wore tucked into his belt when he was knighted by the King that evening.

According to Irnai, Sir Nealan and Lady Yuki would marry and have at least one child, a daughter, who would later try for her knighthood.

Physical description

Yuki is described as being very beautiful. She wears primarily Yamani style clothing: a kimono with an obi. She is slightly plump but is also in good fighting condition.

Personality and traits

Yuki has a lively sense of humor and is less reserved than her other Yamani counterparts. She is also more easygoing when people are rude or when they show emotion, but she does know how to control her emotions and facial expressions. She flirts quite a bit before falling in love with Sir Nealan. She is also a good friend, and devoted to Shinko and Keladry.

She is very intelligent and likes to debate with Sir Nealan about a variety of subjects.

Skills and abilities

As a noblewoman trained in the Yamani court, Yuki is proficient with the naginata and the shukusen—a deadly fan with a steel blade inside. She probably knows more advanced martial arts as well, but she does not show them readily.

Yuki has the Gift but only minorly[3].

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