Zhegorz Fiavrus

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Zhegorz Fiavrus
Circle Universe character
Biographical information
Born c. 990 KF
Nationality Namornese
Title Viynain (if people knew he was a mage)
Physical description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Hair Black and long
Magic Seer, can hear voices and see things on the winds
Family information
Rank Commoner
Teacher Trisana Chandler
Briar Moss
Daja Kisubo
Occupation Seer and adviser for Cleham fer Landreg
Affiliation Landreg
Yorgiry's Hospital
Bibliographical information
First mentioned '
First appeared Cold Fire
Last appeared '
Latest appearance The Will of the Empress

Zhegorz Fiavrus is a mage who has the power to scry and hear things on the winds. This is mistaken for the Emelan Universe equivalent of schizophrenia, and the man is cast out from his home and institutionalized. He befriends Daja Kisubo, Trisana Chandler, Briar Moss, and Sandrilene fa Toren while they are in Namorn.

Yorgiry's Hospital

Convinced that he must be crazy, he goes to Yorgiry's Hospital, and consorts with a number of other crazy folks. In 1039 KF, when the arsonist Bennat Ladradun sets his largest fire yet in the Hospital, Zhegorz helps evacuate people. It is there that he meets Daja Kisubo for the first time. He calls her crazy for going further into the hospital, where it is more dangerous. After the hospital is rebuilt, Zhegorz realizes that he can't stay there anymore. He pretends to get immensely better and sane, and he is released. He is still considered insane though, and wanders Namorn convinced of plot and intrigue. At one point, it is believed that he is locked up, for speaking about state secrets. He is released, though.


Zhegorz reconnects with Daja and her family when he comes up to Sandry and calls her a "chess piece" in a larger game. Pershan fer Roth comes for him threateningly, but Daja intervenes, stating that Zhegorz is mad and doesn't know what he's saying. Daja takes him to Sandry's Dancruan mansion, where she outfits him, feeds him, and talks to him about his life. This interests her foster-siblings greatly. Tris Chandler takes immediate interest, as does Briar Moss. It is discovered that Zhegorz had cut himself, which forces them to put him with Briar, so that he can look out for the crazy man. They come to the conclusion that Zhegorz must have the ability to hear things on the winds. Tris, however, takes it one step further, and hypothesizes that he must be able to see things on the winds, too, and that he shares both of her scrying abilities. To help him control his magic, they decide to teach him to meditate, but also to create Living metal ear pieces and eye pieces so he can filter what he sees. Slowly, they help him uncover his craziness and learn his magic.

While on the way to the border, Zhegorz is practicing his magic. He swears he hears plots of kidnapping, a marriage, and a prize. He tells the others, but they brush it off, as someone could just be getting married, or planning a wedding. However, at the Canyon Inn, near Olart, Pershan fer Roth does kidnap Sandry, proving that Zhegorz was right all along. Sandry frees herself and escapes, but Briar says that they all owe an apology to their "crazy man".

Although he initially intends to return to Emelan as part of Sandry's entourage, Briar's stories of Summersea convince him that he would not feel at home there. He parts with his traveling companions after they cross the border, where Ambros fer Landreg offers him a position in the Landreg household.

Other Information

Tamora Pierce has stated that she based Zhegorz's character on heavy metal musician Alice Cooper.[1]


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